Sarat Chandra Bose

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In the morning Baba came out for a very short time and went back.  We did not talk.  After lunch we had brief rest.  Then I prepared the approach road of boulders leading to urinals.  After that laid bricks along the flower and vegetable beds.  Till evening Baba did not come out. When he came he played with Chinu for a while and went back inside for his early meals.

After his meals we were told to assemble in Chinu’s hut inside his fencing. After brief chat he told my friend Chandrashekhar to ask my mother as to how old was her relationship with Suresh.  He asked me as to whether I understood the meaning of the question. I explained as per his wish that mother’s bond with me was of this life only but bond between Baba and me was from previous lives. Then he told not to ask the question to my mother and that he himself would make it explicit when she would meet him in summer.  He then gave the following note:

“Purification of the body and resultant permeation of the physical instruments with very powerful energies by pulling down Divine Light and Force should be done with the only aim of making the body a proper recipient of the Divine descent.  And note if it is done with any other object dominant within you then sooner or later there will be reaction and the reactions will teach you how to be wiser,”

At 5 P.M. when he came out and played with Chinu and we had brief talk, Baba grudged, “Suresh, after the sad demise of Sarat Chandra Bose, Nehru did not send even a letter of condolence.  In this Nehru might or might not have necessarily been guilty.  In a way Nehru was homely with Bose family and he would often visit and attend marriages too. I was traveling from Gangotri and reached Tehri and was taking rest under a tree. I borrowed a newspaper from one person and I was shocked to read about the sad demise of Sarat Chandra Bose. My world collapsed.” (Sarat Chandra Bose died on 20/2/1950)

Netaji used to call Saratbabu as Mejoda. From his childhood his ideal, mentor, guardian, advisor, financer, lawyer and all in all was Mejoda. Netaji brought him into politics. Imagine why Baba was shocked and his world collapsed unless he was Mejoda’s mischief monger Subhash. It seems Baba knew not that Jawaharlal Nehru personally called upon Vibha, wife of late Sarat Bose to pay condolence.

After our audience with him at 9 P.M. we were served puris and rosgullas.

We came back to our hut, finished dinner and were about to go to bed.  Radhakant was already fast asleep.  Baba came near our hut and clapped.  I awakened Radhakant and he with Shomu was sent out.  Baba told to call others too and we had to join him in the cold windy dark night.  Owing to lack of accommodation Gobind and Salil were in Gharat beyond the island but he told not to disturb them.  All of us were curious about new problem that disturbed him so late at the night.

He stood with a blazing torch and we surrounded him.  All were standing.  Then he said, “Look. The NEFA reverse during the Chinese aggression was always a problem to me.  Now the riddle is clear.  I have already gone through General Kaul’s book viz.  ‘Untold Story’ but today I read in the paper that he was not at all related to Nehru. Gen. Kaul gave prior warning to Nehru but he did not pay any heed.  After the reverse he was made a scapegoat and all blame was put on him. Giving a job to him in a shipping company with a fat salary of rupees twelve thousand per month silenced him. All fault lies with Nehru and Menon.  They are so foolish that they did not expend two hundred crore rupees of the defence budget.”  In our further talk Baba told me,“Suresh, you people will have to be very alert and careful. In one day we will have to round up all politicians otherwise some would escape to other countries.”

Then we talked on Dharma Teja and lastly he observed, “Indian army is best but they were not supplied with modern weapons.”  He was in thin jacket type half shirt and exclaimed, “What a salubrious wind!”  We were quivering with chattering teeth.  It was about 11 P.M. and when he went in, everybody sprinted to the warmth of bed. (In Vienna during winter and snowfall Netaji would keep the windows of bedroom open,)

Radhakant grudgingly murmured innocently and impulsively, in Hindi, “Whether the fault was of Pandit Nehru or Kaul how are we concerned?  What was the need to call at eleven O’colck in night?  Brothers now Baba will go on telling about others when will he tell about himself?” All of us went to bed in uncontrollable peels of laughter.

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