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I got up before sunrise and finished bath.  Attended sentry duty.  A message came to us that all of us were to take lunch in Baba’s kitchen.  We were elated to see that delicious and palatable food prepared by him awaited us. After some time, Baba came out and took me around the garden.  He told me to pluck four cauliflowers and four ‘naulkol’ to handover to servants for their cooking.  He instructed me to insert ‘of my own free accord’ words in the draft prepared to hand over to the police who would bring his arrest warrant.  Up to date Baba told me to read that draft at least ten to fifteen times.  He always wanted perfection in any work and then alone he would be satisfied.  He told two three stories of Swami Vivekananda and Ramkrishna Paramhansa while he was standing.  He then went inside. This arrest warrant was mounting pressure on his mind.

On Baba’s instructions Radhakantji and I sorted out Shah Nawaz file as papers were to be sent to Amravati where my brother was instructed to institute litigation against Shah Nawaz.

In the morning I related attitude of Saxena and cautioned Ramanidada to guard important papers.

Baba came out after his bath and meals and took us inside for lunch.  What a lunch with sweets and fruits.  Baba was seated on chair in front of us driving flies with newspaper and taking personal care of each one of us.  Ramanidada was busy in killing flies with a role of newspaper.  After our lunch Baba and I were seated outside and rest were sent inside to spray D.D.T.

At 5 P.M. Baba took me inside.  He called Gita and told me to read Chinu’s palm.  He said that lines on her hand were now clearly visible.  After scrutinizing the palm I gave a forecast that Chinu had artistic nature, roll in money, leadership, strong life, bowel’s trouble, severe illness at the age of thirteen etc.  Baba expressed his approval and when Ramanidada came he related him my forecast.  Ramanidada told me to take Chinu’s photograph when she would reach three and six months’ age.

I read out papers from the Shah Nawaz file to Baba.  There was a copy of a letter sent by one Mr. Jain of Meerut to President Radhakrishnan. Mr.Maharajsingh Bharati, former M.L.A. of Meerut forwarded a copy of this letter to us.  Jain claimed that he was a confidential typist during I.N.A. trials at Red Fort, Delhi.  He sent extracts of the trial claiming that Shah Nawaz Khan confessed that he was all the while sabotaging I.N.A. and helped the British.  There was report of Kadar Khan that Shah Nawaz Khan sparked communalism amongst soldiers on account of service of food.  Netaji was indignant to see the report and that he ordered Shah Nawaz Khan to be court-martialed but the order could not be executed due to allied bombing of H.Q. and consequent surrender. Moreover, Shah Nawaz was accused that he called himself Major General in I.N.A. when he was Lieutenant Colonel.

Baba said that this fellow Jain must be cited as witness.  He expressed, “How mean is Shah Nawaz! Nehru bribed him with ministry with a view that if Netaji comes he will put all onus of sin on Shah Nawaz.  It was his meanness.  This was his secular (?) selection.  Once Ramani sent a letter to Nehru that he should come and see ‘Ramrajya’ in north Bengal.  There was no reply.  I am sorry that Nehru is not alive.  He should have been alive to see all this.  Suresh, Niharendu was insisting that a case be instituted against Shah Nawaz Khan by Ashram but I thought he would lose ministry and I committed mistake in letting off this Satan out of sheer pity.” I then showed a letter from some Gupta of Meerut. He sent a defamatory cutting of a newspaper.  Baba suggested that he too be incorporated as witness.  Then Baba dictated the following points for cross-examination of Shah Nawaz Khan:

(1) Shah Nawaz Khan will have to be cross- examined whether he was Lt. Col. or Maj. Gen. in I.N.A. Have you not described yourself as Maj.Gen. in INA in various public meetings and journals, just after your release from the Red Fort?

(2) Is it a fact that you have in the following manner addressed and insisted a Muslim section of the I.N.A. soldiers? Then read out letter of Jain.

(3) Were you ordered to be court marshaled in the I.N.A. by Netaji Bose? If so, Why?

Note:  See that this girl Anita of Bose be free from stigma.  So confirm through Swami as to when he first came to know Netaji’s marriage with Emilie Schenkl of Vienna?

(4) Were you in command of Subhash brigade?

After this Baba gave me the following list of prosecution witnesses to be cited in this case:

Gupta, Meerut.

Mr. Jain, typist of Meerut.

Lt. Col. Sahagal of I.N.A. now in Kanpur.

Col. Swami, Calcutta, Chief Intelligence officer of I.N.A.

Lt.Col. S.A.Ayer of I.N.A., Bombay.

Lt.Col. Prithvi Sharan Raturi. Baba told he was P.A. to Netaji’

Dr. Pavitra Mohan Roy of I.N.A., Calcutta.

Shri Haridas Maitra, son in law of Sarat Bose now in Calcutta.

Dr. Chendke of I.N.A. now in Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

Baba further instructed that these witnesses would be declared hostile and cross-examined and from that evidence cases would be filed against Surendra Mohan Ghosh. M.P., Deputy Leader of the Congress party in the Parliament.

Captain Mohan Singh, M.P. founder of I.N.A. (He was saved by Netaji from the Japanese firing squad as told by Baba.)

L.N. Mishra, Deputy Finance Minister, Govt. of India.

Bhupesh Gupta, M.P.

Raj Narayan Singh, M.P.

B.B. Das, M.P.

Baba then instructed me,” Procure certified copies of I.N.A. trial though lot of money would be required. Obtain a copy of the report of Shah Nawaz Khan Enquiry Committee. In the case against Shah Nawaz Khan, Jagannath Bhonsle, Chief of Staff, I.N.A. shall be called.  I told him that he perished.  He asked as to when in a bit of shock.

Before lunch Baba gave the following dictation:

“In creation matter is first created in different stages.  Then the gross vital came down to create trees, plants and vegetation.  Subsequently lower vital came down creating insects, animal, birds and the like.  Afterwards came down larger and higher vital and the mind creating mentally equipped man.  Now super mind is to come down to create a supramental race of human beings.  Of course the completion of this totally coming down require thousands of more years but it has already started penetrating into the mental consciousness. This integrally divinised and divinising transformation of the humanity as a whole has been already providentially decreed and with the great Swami Vivekananda let the enlightened join us in saying ‘The blind cannot see and the perverted will not see.’”

Baba was in a good mood and laughingly he quoted one incident in his life:

“Once during my ‘Bhraman’ I was living in a hut on the bank of the Ganges.  It was a day of ‘Shivaratri’ and I was on total fast.  Some gentlemen brought about eight seers of milk and plenty of sugar.  I told them that I was on fast but they insisted that as it was cold season milk would not be spoilt and they left it properly covered and requested me to accept it next day.

In the evening I sat for meditation but all the while my mind was attracted towards milk.  I could not concentrate and hence I decided to teach a lesson to my physical body.  Disgusted I boiled the milk and reduced it to one-fourth, added sugar and about two seers of ‘Rabadi’ (thick sweet milk) I prepared.  I then began to partake it and my stomach was full.  Lot of it remained.  I told my body that since it craved for sweet it must finish the remaining bulk and I forced it down the throat telling my body ‘you craved now gulp it’ so saying I downed the whole content.

At night I began vomiting and purging.  Now and then I had to go out but ultimately I was so exhausted that I vomited near bed.  It was uncertain whether I would survive or not.  However, next day I was all right.  The punishment to my body was very costly.”

Chat on other topics began.  He was telling stories from history.  It was evening and getting cold. So I went to put on additional clothes.

Baba called us all in his hut.  Gobind and Saxena had been to Okhimath to make arrangement to replenish Baba’s cigarette stock.  They arrived just then.  Ramanidada in time told that both money and cigarettes were exhausted.  Therefore Gobind was again sent back to Okhimath and told to borrow money from the postmaster of Okhimath and get cigarettes without telling Baba.  It was very cold and before entering Baba’s hut we sat in the neighboring hut and lit fire to warm us.  After sometime when the sound of Baba’s clap came we entered his hut.  Ramanidada, Shomu and Radhakantji were with me.  Baba began telling stories of Gandhiji:

Gandhi had strength to produce ten Subhash Bose. He knew out of the two, Nehru and Bose, the latter was of independent nature and hence he caught hold of Nehru.  He knew full well that Subhash would not yield to him.”

When Baba sent a word that he would call us, due to cold all of us wanted to change clothes on the second call and hence we were delayed by a few minutes.  I was last as I was searching my pen.  When I entered, others were being scolded for delay and as I entered he said, “You do not know how it hampers divine work.”  I calmly said that the delay was due to searching pen without which I could not come.  He then lowered his voice and told me that first I should have reached, told and then gone.  I agreed.

In my mind I was wondering about the delay of coming and hampering of divine work.  We were discussing in general and there was no spiritual discussion.  I was quite aware of his intense suffering and ‘tapashcharya’ for the last so many years.  However, I felt sorry that he could not control anger.  I felt that there was a gulf of difference between being a teacher of divinity and to be a preceptor of divinity.  I was constrained to feel that Baba was imitating Swamiji and Aurobindo.  He should take his original work and form, i.e., politics.

Baba told lot of stories about historic personalities such as Tantya Tope, Bhausaheb Peshwa, Shivaji, and Rana Pratap.  He lamented that at historic places of importance like Chittod (Chittaur, Chittor?) the Government has simply constructed ordinary pillars about two feet in height.  He felt sorry that the Government did not realize its importance.  He narrated as to how he stayed for three days in the interior of Shiva temple. He told that he visited ‘Johar Kund’, a place where Rajput women committed suicide enmasse to escape vilification at the hands of enemy.  He said he wanted to visit ‘Sinhagarh’ but could not. He then told story of Tanaji Malusare and how he disguised as a Hakim went to Agra.  He then sang a long Bengali ballad on Tanaji. Sinhagarh is a fort near Pune that was captured by Tanaji. It was formerly known as ‘Kondana’. However he perished in the gallant fight He talked for a long while.

(Note here that after sixty years of independence, the distorted spellings of places in India of English regime are not corrected. I published a research paper on this. See river Ganga is called Ganges, river Tapi as Tapti, river Sindh as Indus, gadh meaning fort is spelled as garh, Chittor as Chittaur or Chittor. There are many examples.)

In his hut he remembered names of witnesses to be cited in Shah Nawaz case, which were already written by me.  We discussed legal matters for a pretty long time.  He then gave a note: “In some case Captain Mohansingh will have to be cited as witness.  Then at the examination of the chief, at a certain juncture, he will have to be declared hostile and then cross-examined.  Then on the basis of cross examination he will have to be prosecuted.”

Baba then instructed me that if somebody came with arrest warrant I should prepare a draft to be signed by one of us.  When the draft was half done he amended and finalized as below:

“On request from Shri__________________(name of server and his designation), I hereby on oath say that the note enclosed herewith was dictated by His Holiness Shrimat Saradanandaji, Founder of our Shaulmari Ashram, after He came to know about the bailable warrant issued by the Calcutta court for giving evidence in the Shaulmari newspaper case instituted by Shri N. Datt Mazumdar Bar at Law, Baliganj place, Calcutta.  We have been instructed before his retirement for the inner spiritual work He has already undertaken, to handover this note to the police officer that might come with the aforesaid warrant.”  After more discussion we came out.

I was told by Ramani Ranjan Das to write capital H while referring Baba.

Before we went to Baba’s inner hut, Radhakant and I were dining.  Rest of us rushed there without food.  After consuming five chapatis each, the servant out of courtesy pressurized to eat more.  Radhakantji ate twenty-two more chapatis and he alone consumed all food prepared for others.  I was aghast and laughed so much that stomach shot cramps.  Radhakant told that in his young days he used to take lot of exercise and consume all milk and milk products at his home.  Ultimately his mother began to lock it.  After our return from Baba rest of us slept without food as nothing was left.

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