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In the morning Salil and Shibnath Bose arrived from Calcutta.  At 10 A.M. he came out and called me.  We discussed yesterday’s notes.  He aptly defined, “agglomeration is like mechanical mixture, conglomeration is like chemical mixture and synthesis like ionization.”  His art of explaining subtle nuances was unique and superb.

Salil and Shibnath were called.  They were asked about litigations at Calcutta.  They apprised him and told that Ramen Roy sent hundred rupees.  They also brought a letter from Niharendudada.  All were sent except me.  He then told me to read out letters that Rajat brought from Ashram.  He then proposed that he might close himself from 21st to 26th Jan. i.e. prefixing and suffixing his birthday on 23rd Jan.  He told that if the work could be completed earlier he might come before 26th.

Then in discussion with me he said, “You people did upset the things otherwise by this time two Chief Ministers and a Magistrate would have been lashed with hunter by me. I know democracy but I also know how to be autocrat and with whom. He has gone otherwise I had a plan in mind to befool Jawahar. What to do? This magistrate from Calcutta is intentionally playing mischief. Now fate of this magistrate and editor of Shaulmari paper is sealed. They can never be pardoned.”  This was followed by brief discussion on other topics and then Baba left for lunch.

My mother’s first ever letter in my life came and worries about her health were over. Ramsingh Pradhan of Okhimath and Mitranand arrived.  After his lunch Baba called me and told me to call the rest. Later all were sent away but for Ramsingh and me. He was addicted to narcotics.  Baba then rebuked him.  He told him that I was right in not allowing him to come. He made him stand and asked to beg an apology to me.  He did. Baba told me to prepare sweets for him and serve him.  Then Baba told him to send a couple of weeks’ ration giving him names and quantity of items.  He was jubilant to give consent.  In fact we have already incurred a debt of about Rs. two thousand from him.  Baba had a remarkable knack of blasting a person, make him dazed, then shower love and sweets, put a word, get his admission, and squeeze him to suffice our bare needs which were, of course, regal in nature.  Ramsingh then requested Baba to send three-four persons from Ashram on 15th Jan. for lunch at his place in honour of death anniversary ceremony called ‘shradh’ of his father.  I left for lunch.


I had a coloured dream of a peacock.  I finished routine and watered garden.  Finished sentry duty and lunch.  Baba did not come out.  I completed diary. It was a humdrum day.

At 11 A.M. Baba occupied chair in front of Ramanidada’s hut, I was called and told to assemble all.  Baba then observed that the magistrate of Calcutta who issued arrest warrant in his name was purposely playing mischief.  Baba suggested instituting a case against him and prosecuting him.  He proposed a writ petition in the High Court for transfer of the case.  He told Salil to immediately go back to Calcutta and tell Niharendu to do so. He dictated the following note and its copy were sent to Niharendudada.

11 A.M.  A Case Note

“Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate, Bankshal Court, Calcutta, G.C. Chatterjee will have to be prosecuted by some member of the Ashram within the second week of February 1967 under the following charges:

1) Deliberate misuse of judicial power with mischievous motive of harassing religious institution.

(2) Even a fool can see into it that the Founder of the Shaulmari Ashram can never be in a position to know anything about the subject matter of the trial and as such a criminal obstinacy of the magistrate concerned under the garb of judicial power is responsible for waste of money from the public exchequer and of time and energy both public and private.

(3) The magistrate himself has admitted that the Founder of the Shaulmari Ashram is not the very necessary witness then he must be answerable for the criminal wastage of time, money, and energy both public and private by deliberately making himself party to the delaying and harassing tactics.  The section or sections will be — deliberate misuse of power by public servant for the purpose of deliberate harassment to an individual or collection of individuals.  Note as it is mainly directed towards collection of individuals forming a religious institution, the magistrate concerned for this sacrilegious act under the garb of judicial power may be prosecuted by any one of the individuals forming the religious collectivity.”

(Netaji used to send tips on libel suits against newspapers from Mandalay jail to lawyer brother Saratda.)

We discussed the matter at length.  Subhashwadi Janata was publishing a newspaper designated as ‘Shaulmari’ from Calcutta.  The paper mentioned that Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar often visited Ashram as a spy of the Government.  Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar instituted a criminal case against the editor of the paper and punishment to him was certainty.  However, the accused cited Baba as a defence witness and the accused had prayed the court that if Baba was not coming in the witness box, the case should be withdrawn or dismissed.  Baba did not care a jot.  Once a magistrate went to Ashram with warrant and a five rupees bond for bail but in vain.  As a last resort an arrest warrant was issued in the name of Baba and the court fixed his date of appearance on 2nd Jan. 1967, By mistake this warrant went to Pauri due to faulty address.  The court therefore issued fresh arrest warrant for his appearance on 10th Feb. 1967.  It was due on any day.  In all other cases magistrates refused to issue warrant to Baba but this was mischievous one.  Baba reiterated, “Editor of Shaulmari paper and this magistrate are doomed.  Even that Sidholi man will be taken to task even after five years.”

During our gossip in the evening Baba dictated a memorable and very apt sentence of Rishi Arvind Ghosh: “The first principle of education is that nothing can be taught. A teacher is neither an instructor nor a taskmaster. He is only a helper and a guide.” Baba stressed that I should remember this sentence permanently. He further reminded Aurobindo’s call, “ Wake that India may prosper, suffer that she may rejoice.

Baba then said, “ Name, fame, and honour in their real sense go to those who genuinely never care for them. The more you run after these, the more they will runaway from you.

In the noon Salil went to Calcutta and we watered the garden.  At night all of us were called in Chinu’s hut.  Baba then informed about recent news of Mao.  Other gossip followed.  He told that today was ‘Makar Sankrant’ entering of the Sun into Zodiac sign of Capricorn, the only date of the solar and lunar calendar which unmistakably coincides every year.  It shifts forward by one day every two hundred years. He pointed that it was birthday of Swami Vivekananda.  All of us were told to perform meditation.  After that two pieces of sweets (Rosgullas) were served on palm.  When washed hands outside realized cold was simply horrible. I rushed back near fire in Chinu’s hut.  With a brief chat we were given off time.

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