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I was awake in bed and whiled away time presuming that Baba was closed inside and hence there was no pressure on mind.  However, Shomu came, and told me that Baba has called Radhakantji and me.  As if I had electric shock I bounced out of bed ran to the river, had bath and change of clothes and within seven minutes both of us presented ourselves in his hut.  He did not close himself even today.

Baba told us that 10th February 1967 was the date fixed for Shaulmari case in which he was cited as defense witness. He predicted that arrest warrant in his name would reach our camp before long.  Baba instructed that if the police came with warrant, I should tell him that Baba was busy in meditation work till 22nd Jan, and Baba would meet after that. If the police remain adamant I should allow them to come in and the rest Baba would see to it himself.

Baba then queried about the rate and weight of one-foot long barbed wire.  He then made calculations and concluded that the day we would reach Shaulmari Ashram (26th Jan 67), barbed wire was to be purchased either from Delhi or Calcutta and flown by plane to the Ashram and the whole Ashram was to be fenced by barbed wire on the same day,like the fencing of P.O.W. camps.  He observed that masses would create lot of trouble. He discussed the plan in detail.  In addition he told me to invite the panel of lawyers for discussion on the very day.  He cautioned me to apprise my lawyer brother to be present as soon as he would be informed telegraphically and that he must reach.  I agreed.  Then Baba told me to take down a dictation and explain it in Hindi to Radhakant.  He also decided that instead of Radhakant Gobind Shah would go to Calcutta.  Then as per his instructions I jotted down debts to be refunded immediately and the following dictation.

“You must acquire the capacity and the ability to forestall wrong impulses before they succeed in giving out themselves. Of course, for the beginners it is impossible to carry out by applying any method instantaneously in as much as they will come out before you are conscious of their presence. When our impulse comes out into expression and you become conscious of it, you have to think over it, scrutinize it, and analyze it as best as you can and then with that thinking, scrutinizing, and analyzing, you have to place it to your innermost reality, the Divine within you so that the Divine applies the necessary check to its expression and finally transforms it in a divinising pattern. Note sublimation is only a dream of modern psychologists. It can never be done and should never be attempted (Netaji has candidly written in his autobiography that he was still unable to sublimate sex urge.) It is not sublimation but transformation of the urges and impulses that will have to be carried out.  The first principle is that you have to expose whatever you have, to expose whatever you aspire to be transformed to the light and force of your innermost reality, the Divine Mother within you and above you with the approval of your central being and with a feeling of refusal against domination by such urges and impulses.  If these do not accompany the exposure recoils, it will produce no effect.  Note again you cannot befool your innermost reality.  The refusal will be there only when you have sincerity of purpose and without that sincerity you cannot have any purpose from the Divine.  It should be clearly borne in mind if there is anything sure that may fail, power may dodge, discrimination may deceive but sincerity of purpose will never fail you.  Sooner or later depending upon the depth and wideness of your sincerity, it is destined to lead you to success.  Here again note imitation of sincerity will not do. In itself such an imitation is a veritable hypocrisy and will bring about dangerous consequences.”

We had discussion on the words sublimation, transformation and process.
Afterwards on my request he dictated Bengali ballad on Shivaji.  I then pointed out that Nehru had deep prejudice against the Maharashtrians. He laughed and told how Nehru ridiculed Swami Vivekananda. He then emphasized, “Nehru was eager to declare Subhash’s death.  He committed blunder without trying to go in facts.” Then we talked on Shivaji.  He told me that in the old days there used to be a conference known as ‘Bang Maharashtra Priti Sammelan’.  At the inaugural session of this conference Rabindranath Tagore composed and recited the following poem.  I wrote it down as follows:

The Bengali ballad on Shivaji is put in Deonagari script as below.

Kon door shatabdir kon ek akhyat nahi jane aji
Marathar kon ahIle aranye andhakare base hey Raja Shivaji
Tava bhal ud bhashiya ye bhavana tarit prabhavat aishe chilo nami
Ek dharma rajyaparo chinna, bhinna bikshipts Bharat bede dibo ami
Shey din kothay tumi hey bhavuk hey bir marathi koya tava nam
Gairik pataka tab dhular talay holomari tuccha parinam
Bideshir itibrutta dashuboe kare parihar attahashya rave
Tab pujnya cheshta jat tasshkarere nishfal prayash yei jane sabe
Aai iti bruttakatha khshanta kar much bhashan aga mithya bhai
Tumar likhno pore Bidhatar abyarthlikhan hane aji jai

I was spellbound and requested to sing more Bengali poems and he obliged.  I was simply wonderstruck to see his fantastic memory and memorisation of many Bengali poems and English odes.  Baba then left for his bath and we came out.  I wrote my diary and by then Baba came out and sat in the Sun.  He called me again and gave the following dictation at midday:

“It is quite possible to retain youth up to any age in as much as real youth lies not in the physique but in the mental constitution.  Mental and vital energies natural to and inherent in youth can be cent percent retained and it is in these that lies the real success and glory of life.  It is not a sheer emotional expression.  It is a fact to the very letter.  So far as retaining physical youth is concerned the first thing necessary is to bring use of medicine to the minimum with the aim to eliminate altogether the necessity of using medicine at all.  After making some progress in inner penetration, any Yogi will experience violent reaction in the physical body in some form or other whenever in ignorant helplessness he takes medicine. (Two Yogis, one out of it is married and my friend from childhood, have confessed in writing that during Dhyan violent physical action occurred and level of testosterone increased extraordinarily and they were ashamed of penis erectus. One of them felt like committing suicide, as he was ashamed and helpless to control. Swami Muktanand Paramhansa of Gurudeo Siddha Pith of Ganeshpuri, Dist. Thane in his book ‘Chit Shakti Vilas’ Pp. 86 to 97 has vividly described the above experience. Effects of Yoga and Sadhana are inexplicable.) External application may not be full of reaction but inner taking and injections will bring severe repercussions in its trail.  The real joy of physical health you will only experience when you surpass the physical need of taking medicines but one note of precaution.  If you have your body for physical or egoistic enjoyment in any form or other and at the same time you bring down and pull out Divine Light and Force for keeping the body in perfect order, sooner or later, rather sooner than later, you will experience a different type of violent reactions.  So far keeping the body in perfect order with the working of the descending and disclosing Divine Light and Force – descending from above and disclosing from within – remoulding and remodeling the emotions in a divine and divinising pattern is essential.  With these emotions remolded and remodeled you are at least subjectively secured in the Divine lap.”

Baba then said, “Suresh, let us see what Mother wishes.  May be the work will start even before general election.”  Baba then asked Ramesh Saxena whether he understood the meaning of the dictation.  He flatly said no.  Baba then told him that Suresh would explain it to him.  Gobind came to tell that lunch was ready and consequently Baba sent us all for food.  After lunch I wrote my diary, had a nap, again wrote diary, completed routine of exercise and meditation till evening.  Radhakantji nostalgically narrated incidents of Kulu valley in 1954.  Baba told him to purchase and bring two cows.  He went on bluffing due to fear of snow and tigers.  One day when he went, he missed the road and when reached, his feet were bleeding.  Baba himself dressed and cured the injuries and then slapped him thoroughly and gave a note.  After fourteen years today Baba gave the same note in Hindi.  Shomu brought the message that we should be ready with change of clothes by 7.30 P.M. Baba would call us.  We entered his hut at 8 P.M. and Baba dictated the following in Hindi, which is translated in English as below:

“Today a note on bad misconception will have to be written, which caused the total ruin of Krishnakant. Even if he is serving with all his might but if you do it mechanically and you are not ready to do the service without being alert to correct yourself for Divine development continuously, such service has no value for me. I do not want anyone to serve me for my sake. If your service is accepted it is to offer you an opportunity for wellbeing of yourself. If the service creates false pride and ego then all the fruit of service is completely lost!”

Baba then narrated how he happened to meet Krishakant and that right from the beginning he had Netaji psychosis.  He told that he believed in the adage that today’s service gives fruit tomorrow.

After this a queer and inexplicable ritual took place.  Radhakant and myself were galvanized as mentioned below:
The burning Sigri was removed from the center and kept aside.  Then both of us were made to sit very near to him.  For some time we were made to close eyes and meditate.  Baba pushed his right leg bit forward.  Ramanidada kept the middle finger of his right hand on Baba’s toe of right foot and then Baba touched Ramanidada’s finger with his own.  After two minutes Ramanidada lifted his finger and put it on the center of my chest and for that I was told to pull up sweater and under vase.  After a moment Baba kept his finger on Ramanidada’s finger and though my eyes were supposed to be closed I was observing through a slit of eyes.  Ramanidada’s finger continued to press on my bare chest but Baba removed his finger and then Gita touched her middle finger of the right hand to the toe of Baba’s foot and Baba kept his finger on her finger.  Then Gita lifted her finger and pressed on the bridge of my eyes.  After sometime both Gita and Ramanidada lifted their fingers from my body.  Then Ramanidada again kept his finger on Baba’s toe and Baba pressed his finger on Ramanidada’s and after a moment lifted Ramanidada’s hand aside.  Then Chinu was put in my lap.  She was weeping and I was afraid that if she pissed I would have to take bath and change clothes in that intense cold. She always preferred my lap to pee. The same process was then carried out on Radhakantji. After that both of us were instructed by Baba not to touch anybody else till dawn.  Then Shomu, Gobind and Ramesh were ushered in. Radhakant and I were behaving like a typical orthodox woman in menses trying to avoid touch of others.  All these Shakta rituals were beyond my ken. Baba then gave the following dictation and told me to translate and explain to others. It was 9 P.M.

“In the initial phase of the first stage, external sensations will not be allowed to manifest because such perception of sensations would divert the mind of the aspirant from the highest goal to something crude and external.  Purification of the feeling and divinising it with that purification has to be the first concern.  The Divine Light and Force must by and by permeate the whole unconscious, from there, master in to the subconscious and then to the external consciousness in each plane working out the necessary divinising and divinised elimination and transformation.  If in the premature stage, experience of sensation is allowed to manifest, the aspirant may be even laid astray to achieve the degenerating ‘ Yoga Siddhas’ and an aspirant of the Supreme Goal must always keep it burning in his head that  ‘Siddhistu sookari vishta’ even the whole empire of the world is under the power of your achievement, even Indratwa is ready to offer its service to you, you must have the spiritual courage to kick off such temptations when nothing attracts you but the one and the only one Supreme Goal, then and then alone the progress will be firm, steady, retainable and even accelerating.  Keep it again ablaze in your heart and brain ‘Uttishtata jagrut prapya varan nibodhata’ as the great Swami Vivekananda puts it ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.’

Baba then instructed me to tell police to come on 24th instead of 22nd and inform my friend Chandrashekhar Dandge to come prepared to stay upto 30th Jan.

We then had chat on other topics.  I related the news conveyed by Radhakantji that press reporters questioned the foreign minister of USSR whether it was true that Subhash Bose was imprisoned in the Siberian Jail, which the minister denied.  Talk on Subhash Bose psychosis opened.  Ramesh Saxena was office bearer of Subhashbadi janata and he put the question rather say of his former association that Subhash Bose was never married. Baba told that the Chief Intelligence Officer of I.N.A. Mr.Swami once visited the Ashram and told him personally that Subhash Bose was married and doubtless it must have had been true.  Then he said, “ Subhash said that he had no time for marriage till the fight for independence was on.  However during or after his operation abroad he might have married.  Moreover, Sarat Bose accepted it and he was not an ordinary man to be fooled.”  Saxena pointed out that according to some, wife of Subhash Bose was daughter of Col.Bridget.  On this Baba shouted in disgust, “Do they have bare knowledge of Austrian language?  Has anybody heard the name Bridget of a male?”  He denied Saxena’s query that Anita, the daughter of Subhash Bose, had been to Ashram.  Baba then related foolishness of Radhakant who sent Ramlal Pahelwan to the Ashram.  He in a public meeting in Calcutta reiterated that Subhash Bose reached Calcutta without ticket and stayed under the Howrah Bridge and showed a torn pant, which Bose was wearing at that time.  I heard it earlier.  Then Saxena said that Nehru wrote a letter to Shah Nawaz Khan directing him to prove that Bose was dead permanently.  Baba almost rose from his seat and vehemently roared,” Nehru was not that mean to commit in writing.  He could never even say that.”

Baba asked me whether I read Indian Struggle and I told that not only that but An Indian Pilgrim and Cross Roads were also read and were in my personal library.  I said the Indian Struggle was masterpiece and after going through it one felt that Gandhiji took air out of Subhash by starting his major projects beforehand.  Baba simply smiled.
Gita then distributed sweets i.e. Rashogullos and Baba told her to give me an additional one.  All left.  I watered the floor and burnt incense and came back to my hut.  It was very cold and I was changing clothes when Shomu came with a message that Baba was calling me immediately.  When I reached, he said, “Suresh, this is my own composition of a poem.  You take it down and translate in poetic form in Hindi.  This is going to be our adage on our magazine: (I have written Bengali in Devnagari).

Bish jivaner bikal Ganguly
Dinu aaj tab hatey shopia
Tumarini vrudayer manjul rachanaye
Dibata nab shure badhiya

I then returned, dined and slept.  I had trouble again of burning feet?

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