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Sent letter to Baba dated 5/9/67 in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das.  Attended a lecture by some P.N.Oak on Subhash Chandra Bose.  He is absurd fellow and much egoistic. Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. In his book on Netaji he wrote that plane made two rounds around the Taipei aerodrome and then crashed killing Netaji. In much later year Shri Ram Shewalkar mentioned the same in his book on Netaji published by Govt. of Maharashtra. When I questioned about authenticity Shri Ram Shewalkar answered that it was based on Oak’s reference. I have letters from both Oak and Shewalkar.


I sent telegram to Baba.


I received telegram from Ramanidada dictated by Baba. It informed me to send hundred and fifty rupees from Dandge.  He did not send T.M.O. of three hundred and twenty five rupees for me there.  I therefore already sent on Friday a T.M.O. of two hundred rupees.


Ramanidada’s letter received informing that my letter written on 5/9/67 and posted on 6/9/67 was not received there.  The Central Intelligence Department might have done away with it.


Telegram from Ramanidada informing my letter dated 5/9/1967 not received.


Went to maternal grandfather Babasaheb Khaparde.  I gave him P.A.Sorokin’s book The Crisis of the Age for his reading as demanded by him.  He made me sit near him and interrogated about my mysterious forays to the Himalayas.  I gave him inkling about Netaji’s survival in recluse. He expressed that he expected it in 1945. Grandfather  spent his life with luminaries like Tilak and Sawarkar.  He blessed me and wished success.  He then related stories of Harun Al Rashid with morals useful in my project.


A telegram received from Ramanidada from Meerut. It informed me that along with Baba and daughters they left Gangtoli camp near Okhimath and by car were proceeding to Shaulmari in North Bengal where they would touch on 11/10/1967.  The telegram further instructed that if possible I should meet them at ‘Ambari Aerodrome’ on 11th Oct. or at least before Diwali at Shaulmari.

Complying the request seemed difficult for want of leave.  I would proceed to Ashram in Diwali vacation of one month.


Sent telegram in the name of Ramani Ranjan Das, Secretary Shaulmari Ashram: ‘Unable to locate Ambari aerodrome stop Reaching by twenty seventh October latest’

Gave thirty rupees to my friend Prof. Bandu Khardenavis to reserve my ticket from Nagpur to Calcutta.


Dr. C.D.Despande, Director of Education of Maharashtra, my Guru and third examiner of my Ph.D. thesis was on an official tour.  He called me at Shivaji Institute.  Many officials and principals were requesting him for dinner but he insisted to go to my home to see my parents.  He wanted to talk with me in privacy. On way he showered barrage of questions regarding my frequent leave and adventure in the Himalayas.  We reached my home and parents complained about my refusal for marriage. After dinner and ten minutes chat we left for Badnera junction.  Again a few principals came there but he dexterously avoided them and resumed barrage of questions about the Shaulmari Ashram and my absence on duty.  He himself is a pious man.  I had to disclose research project and gave him an inkling of identity of Shaulmari Baba as Subhash Chandra Bose.  He was dumbfounded. He remained silent and pensive for a few minutes.  Then as if awakened from reverie he told me not to worry about leave.  He gave his blessings and wished me a success in the mission.  My road was clear.


I sent telegram to Shaulmari Ashram.


Dispatched letters to Samareshwar Dutt (Shomu) and Ramesh Saxena, the colleagues from Ashram.


Parting ‘Pranam’ to parents and left home and arrived at Nagpur by mail.  Prabhakar Wadodkar and Khardenavis came to see me off.  The latter gave three-tier coach’s reservation.  Left Nagpur in comfort.  At night my elder brother and scientist Umesh Chandra, his wife and children came to meet at Raipur platform and gave lot of things to eat.

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