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Posted By Author on September 5, 2010

It was cold.  I did planting and warmed hands in kitchen.  All were working.  Twenty villagers were invited for social work of gardening and only six turned out.  Baba came out.  He took me aside and asked whether I could procure a few thousand rupees through Dandge or from anywhere.  I flatly said no and it was most difficult.  He said that after return I should inform telegraphically.   About Dandge he proposed to bring him in January.

Then he said Subandrio was hanged and that he looked scoundrel from photograph.  He pointed that Lummumba committed mistake in leaving Indian Embassy.

Baba said, “Ramprasad and Ramkrishna were turned down because of Netaji psychosis.  Krishnakant was foolish. He gave them the idea.  A.D.Mani will have to tender apology.  Amiyo Bose is a foolish boy.  He took a few lakhs from Nehru. When in London he abused his uncle Subhash during World War II.  He is an opportunist. Unless verified I do not accept this statement and do not want to cast aspersions on Amiyo Bose. But one thing is certain that he did not accept Anita as his cousin although his father accepted both Anita and Emilie Schenkl.”

Ramanidada told me that Baba had not taken food since previous day and that I should request him. While working together on a vegetable bed I said to Baba, “If you do not take food I shall not take.  I am leaving today.  I shall pay the milkman but you please take butter and food regularly.  Shomu commits mistakes because he is a kid and he has to look after work both inside and outside.  Better keep him exclusively for inner work.”

Baba told me to call Shomu. Baba made him understand. He went very happily to Baba’s kitchen for preparation.  Then Baba said, “Shomu has both heart and brain.  I shall make him inner engineer and not outer.”

I had bath and breakfast.  Ratan was coming with me up to Rishikesh.  He was carrying historic letter for Gita’s mother and Gyanbabu informing Chinu’s birth.

Ratan, Ramanidada and I were served lunch in his kitchen.  Gita told me that she liked chilly pickles.  I promised her to bring more.  Then I took photographs of the hutments.  Before departure Baba told me to bring both Dandge and Wadodkar for function in January.  He told that if inner feeling induced then alone ask for money to both of them.  He told me to bring seed of beetroot.  We bowed for the last time and began our journey at 3.30 P.M.

On way C.I.D. men crossed heading towards camp.  At Rudrapryag people and soldiers began to talk about Netaji the moment they saw us.  We stayed in a tourist hotel in Rudraprayag and next day, i.e., 8/11/1966 reached Rishikesh.  Saw off Ratan and arrived at Dehradun at 3.30 P.M. On station made reservation and met railway guard Gulhati and queried about name of honest ticket collector. He knew that honest Ticket Checker as Guru Bhajan Singh. The name was confirmed.  Went to cantonment.  Met Capt. Ram Wadodkar and enjoyed his hospitality. On 9th Nov. caught taxi at Dehradun and reached Delhi at 7.30 P.M. with co-passenger Principal Malhotra of Bhargav college of Musooree.  Immediately got Grand Trunk and reached home via Nagpur at 10 A.M. on 10th Nov. All were surprised and happy to see me attending Diwali festival.

Radhakantji’s letter arrived in my absence and it was opened and read by all.  He wrote that case against Navabharat Times at Amravati be dropped and that Baba was reincarnation of Lord Krishna.  I was embarrassed.

News in Tarun Bharat of Nagpur that on 15th Nov. 66 the Calcutta Presidency Magistrate issued an arrest warrant against Baba who was not in the Ashram. I cleared Mitranand’s medical bill.  Developed negatives and photo prints of Chinu’s. The results of photographs were best.

Telegram to Radhakantji.  His letter arrived with a copy of a letter from Central Home Ministry admitting that the Shaulmari Ashram never indulged in spying activity.  A.D. Mani is in quandary now.

Ramanidada’s letter arrived thanking for beetroot seed and thanks to father for preparing Chinu’s horoscope. I cleared Mukund Gupte’s loan bond of Ashram from my pocket.

I read news in Loksatta, Bombay that Baba ran away from the Shaulmari Ashram. On 16th Ramanidada returned wrongly sent letter addressed to Shri Dubey, Director of Education, Pune.

Grandfather Babasaheb Khaparde called me.  He was confined to bed and as ordered I attended Atal Behari Vajpayee who called on him to see his health.

I paid Rs. hundred to my brother for expenses to start case against Shah Nawaz Khan.

Started for the camp in early morning. Went by bus to Nagpur.  Got train and reached Delhi and then by taxi arrived at Rishikesh at 6 P.M. on 25th.

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