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Got up early and finished routine.  Ramanidada came at 8 A.M. and handed over the following note.  Prabhakar was on the river for bath.  The note ran:

“For Suresh and Prabhakar

Shri Krishnamurti has confusion about the meaning of self-expansion and substitution.  When you substitute your district for your village, your province for your district, and ultimately your nation for your province, you really do not expand yourself; it is a case of progressive inflation of the ego.  A so-called nationalist or a so-called internationalist is a creature of the inflated-ego.  Self-expansion starts with genuine feeling.  You genuinely feel the sorrows and sufferings, the agony and anguish, the joy and satisfaction of the individuals forming the unit with which you identify yourself.  If that is lacking, it is a case of inflation of the ego, not a case of self-expansion.  Of course, the inflation of the ego and the expansion of the self, the Devil and the Divine are intricately blended in man, it is a Himalayan task to disentangle the latter from the former.  But whether you are heading towards  self-expansion or towards ego-inflation is determined by which one is dominant in you.”

(Netaji mentions,” Behind all our sorrows and sufferings there is always a higher purpose at work.” (E-23) )

Baba called us in afterwards and we discussed the above passage.  Baba informed us that once Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar sent some questions and he answered them in Bengali.  He obtained its copy and translated in Hindi as dictated to me.  Its English translation is as below.

Q. What will men accept blind faith or knowledge?

Ans.  If the blind faith is static by following it faith and dedication cannot manifest and if it comes in collective form it cannot be enduring. Such is the field of human development. The place and value of blind faith is essential, yes, if this blind faith is kinetic. This kinetic blind faith is gradually refined and really gets converted into faith and dedication.  The meaning of dynamism is blind faith for life. In stead, of leading an idle life it should be actively led.

Q: In the light of knowledge a person should be engrossed in self, else has to depend on perpetual darkness?

Ans: In the light of knowledge the stabilization in self is the final aim of faith and dedication. But the real faith does not see aberration. In fact it cannot see. It sees its own inability to understand and thus inability of simple observation attracts knowledge. This understanding is the success and sensibility of the victorious journey of faith and dedication.

Q. Will man accept by understanding or only by blind faith?

Ans.  Accepting through clear understanding gives birth to faith and dedication. When later on faith and dedication develop, then for understanding curiosity and scholarship is enough to accept, and understanding comes automatically.

Baba then told the story of duck and slanting lake shown to Arjuna by lord Krishna and recited the following Sanskrit verse rendered here in English.

Dharmasya tatwam nihitam guhayam |

Mahajano yen gataha sa panthah || ‘

Meaning:  ‘ The principle of religion is hidden

The road to that by which, great persons have gone. ‘

In reference to above passage of questions and answers Baba told a story from the Mahabharat.  There was a duck in a lake.  Pandvas reached there to drink water. The duck told them that they must first answer his question one by one and if the answer was wrong he would die. Thus four of the Pandavas perished then Dharamraj answered his questions correctly and revived the defeated brothers. He also quoted an example of Arjuna.  When lord Krishna told Arjun that the lake was slanting, he began to see it like that only.  Such was shradha i.e. faith.

After his lunch we resumed our sitting.  Baba told that he would not be summoned in the Shaulmari case anymore.  The Statesman from Calcutta arrived by post.  It was of 6th April 1967 and it contained a news item regarding Ashram.  With a little nervous and artificial laugh he told me to read the news item again.  He assigned the job of writing a letter to the editor of the Statesman and assured to correct it finally.  Inspecting the garden he slowly walked in.  By the time he came I completed the draft and he added sentences in the asterisk. The final draft was as below:


Sureshchandra Padhye, M.A., Ph.D.

Member Shaulmari Ashram

C/O. Sub postmaster, Okhimath

P.O. Okhimath, Dist.Chamoli, U.P.


Shri Pran Nath Chopra

The Editor, The Statesman,

Statesman House, 4, Chauranghee Square,



I shall feel highly obliged if you kindly publish this letter of mine in your esteemed daily.

“Your Jalpaiguri correspondent has mischievously reported the news item regarding the activities of the Shaulmari Ashram, which you have published in your daily dated 6th April 1967, late city edition, Page 3, Column 3 and 4, without considering the facts. It is highly deplorable that a responsible daily as yours should publish a false and misleading news item denouncing and deriding a saintly personality like His Holiness, the Founder of the Shaulmari Ashram.  Whether the Ashram is passing through an acute financial crisis or not is immaterial but it is unexpected indecency on your part to have published.  ‘Before leaving the Ashram with its secretary, Dr.Ramani Mohan Das and his two daughters, the Swami is reported to have done some ‘wild things’, and thus cast aspersions on the Holy Founder of the Ashram and the inmates of the Ashram.  The difficulty of some of the press representatives lies in that the fool and perverted have their own way of thinking both predisposed and impulsive and the newspaper that publishes such predisposed and impulsive stupidity surely deserves to be censured by all sane men.  Will your correspondent be pleased to show the courage to publish by what he really means by wild things?

Will it not be fair on your part to ascertain the facts and give true picture of the activities of the Ashram to your readers?  I hope the misleading and the false statement made in your esteemed daily regarding His Holiness will be corrected at the earliest of your convenience.”

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Sd/- S.S. Padhye

The report of the Statesman indirectly indicating Chinu’s birth greatly disturbed Baba. It was a jolt to his plan to come out. The news certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest. All throughout the Statesman was always against Subhash Bose. His libel suit against the Statesman was lost in late 1926 when he was incarcerated in Mandalay jail.

At 5 P.M. Ramesh Saxena arrived and narrated to Baba that he relieved his mortgaged wristwatch and hence he had only hundred rupees for to and fro journey to Meerut.  Therefore for lack of funds he did not purchase ghee, butter, vegetables, rice, fruits etc.  I was told to read out letter written to the Statesman to all.  Gossip ensued.  His crestfallen face brightened up.  He then remarked that the correspondent would dare not answer the letter.  Chinu was in Ramanidada’s lap and he addressed to her assuring that in the month of Baishakh all would go back to Ashram.  After a brief talk on philosophy and politics he went in.

I assured Prabhakar in privacy that I was mining gold i.e., dictations and discussions.  After dinner we retired.

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