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Baba’s dictation in Hindi at 3.30 P.M. is translated as below:

“Spiritual Sadhana is making the intellect and heart both deeper and vaster seriously and successively. You meditate, count beads, and worship but if meditation, counting the beads and worship do not make your heart and intelligence deeper and vaster, the meditation, the counting of beads, and worship are empty. You have to examine the inner activities and its outer ramifications, whether there is an inner narrowness working and external effects of that narrowness being manifested. The first requirement to be successful is to be successful in introspection and to be honest with the self. Man is dishonest hundred times with self than he is with others. Mind is such a devil that every moment it attempts to mould invert into straight, right the wrong, night the day. If divine progressive heart and intellect do not control the mind, whatever activities are taking place in your mind the purification and Divinisation are distant. Even its deformed face cannot be seen. Only firm practice can make this difficult job a success. You cannot progress with moral cowardice. To change that stage by constant practice with real courage is called spiritual sadhana. Meditation, counting the beads, and worship are the means for the same. When this meditation, counting of beads, and worship are turned into static meaningless activities, which usually happens, the meditation, counting of beads, and worship become simply useless.”

“For a man of worldly intelligence with its highest development it is impossible to understand the highest sincerity of purpose.  There, almost without exception, is a tendency always to work within one’s self and as far as possible to hide oneself that is one’s highest achievement from the environment.  As far as the behaviour of such a one is concerned the man of worldly intelligence will wrongly discover pretensions in him and really where the pretension is working – a psychologically master application of pretension – this he will be deluded into taking as sincerity of purpose.  From the history of humanity many historically assessed great men were such pretenders but had such a wonderful wiliness that they almost cent percent succeeded in making people read quite a different rather quite opposite picture of them and to our utter dismay, history has recorded many people as pretenders who were really cent percent genuine in their sincerity of purpose.”
When all were assembled Baba would try to explain in Hindi but often said that he could not cope up Hindi expression. At 8.30 P.M. in his hut the following Hindi passage was dictated: It is translated as below:

“In a particular stage you people will need to be very alert. Rarely at times the unconscious and subconscious of you people are fixed morbidly in the same plane, a kind of strange simplicity with ignorance but a very powerful experiment is undertaken. On certain subject you have complete faith and if keep pressurizing adversely, at times you must be very alert.  To understand what process is taking place is beyond your intellectual capacity You have to understand fact that if the process works successfully and if your faith is correct and I am for certain reason pressurizing you adversely, then after the success of the process I myself will enlighten on this. The process has been experimented today. Full success has not been achieved but to some extent it is successful.” (Original Hindi dictations are in diary.)

After the above dictation Baba told me to explain its meaning to all and then he questioned and ascertained from each and everyone whether they understood its meaning.  I took it as the best method of brainwashing.  He knew that it was his mistake to slap Radhakant for no fault of his and to whitewash that mistake this was his indirect admission but he twisted it and expressed that his act was beyond our comprehension.  Today we had marathon sitting and Radhakant got lot of hammering.  We returned to our hut at 11 P.M., finished dinner and then Radhakantji came in a mood to talk a lot.  Even to Baba he told that his mind baffles and becomes numb but that he was a simple and straightforward person.  Baba laughed, He then said, “ Padhyeji, today I received lot of thrashing.  Today I felt that everyone of us should windup bed and go to respective homes.”
He sacrificed his life for Baba and underwent unimaginable physical a economic, and domestic suffering for him.  He then reminisced his life with Baba at Sat Tal and Bhim Tal.

He narrated, When Baba was in Kulu valley Radhakant would construct Baba’s hut in dense and deep forest.  His hut was near waterfall.  Water would flow below the hut.  Therein were rooms like compartments.  In his bathroom he diverted water through hollow bamboo just like water tap.  When not required its falling sound would be stopped by blocking it with a stopper made of bundle of cloth.  Some places of his residence were approachable after sixty miles walk through forest.  Once his elder brother Krishnakantji and his wrestler friend came.  They were panting and gasping for breath.  They refused to stay in his hut near Baba’s hut because visit of tigers and bruins was a daily phenomenon. Therefore they were kept in an adjoining cave in cliff with fire constantly burning.  They used to tie their legs to each other presuming that tiger would not lift both of them together.  Once a Brahmin servant named Dhulichand stole wristwatch and money from Baba’s hut.  Villager of the neighborhood advised to report the matter to police.  Baba refused and continued his service after condoning the money he spent.  Rest he returned and then he worked so faithfully and enthusiastically that daily he used to walk six miles in morning and evening to fetch milk.  Once he did not bring milk as it was adulterated with water.  Baba asked him how did he know it.  Dhulichand told that daily milkman’s cow gives three quarters milk and that day it gave five quarters.  Moreover fresh milk was always warm but that day it was cold.  Baba turned him into most loyal and honest servant, etc. Baba has promised that he would be closed from tomorrow.  I doubted.  We slept bit late.

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