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Posted By Author on December 15, 2011

Alexander Pope  (Most important)

” ………..  The misty veil hanging about hills is but the dreamy veil of fair poetry. WAS IT POPE OR SOMEBODY ELSE, who said -
“Thus let me live unseen, unknown. …
Thus unlamented let me die, steal from
The world and not a stone tell where I lie.”

See (N -153) – His Letter written in 1915 to friend.
SEE DIARY: The above verse repeatedly sung by Baba. He loved this to his heart and true to its words he left unknown, unwept, unsung and unlamented.
Baba told the story of origin of phrase ‘ to steal one’s thunder’ meaning rob other’s idea. John Dennis in the 17th century staged his play in London theatre — Appius and Virginia. It did not run. He devised a machine to show thunder in his play. Yet the play failed and Macbeth took its place.  Dennis was shocked to see thunder shown by his machine. Hence the phrase is to steal one’s thunder.  The anecdote was mentioned by Alexander Pope in his poem.’  Dunciad Dennis is forgotten but his phrase remains.

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