Subhash & Baba – Death.. the Naked Dance of Death

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Death, Death and Death, the Naked Dance of Death

In his lifetime Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose escaped death by whisker not once but several times. The incidents are serialized below. The references for these are already quoted in the text above. If need be they can be furnished again.

1.        On the first day of going to school at the age of five in 1902 in his ecstasy and over enthusiasm he rushed out of the house towards horse drawn cart and slipped and fell on the steps and injured himself severely. He bled profusely and put to bed in a bandaged head.

2.        Twice he missed death in epidemic of Cholera and Plague when he nursed the patients in rural area.

3.        He had serious attack of broncho- pneumonia twice in life.

4.        Twice he envisaged ‘ strange illness’ in which he sweated like a pig and ran high temperature of 104 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Once while leaving Sevagram (Wardha) after meeting Gandhiji in 1939 and once while going to attend CWC meeting at Delhi by a chartered plane he had strange illness..  The chartered flight was aborted at Kanpur due to his serious condition.

5.        In Mandalay jail he had a brush with death when fasting unto death. After two weeks of fast the Government ceded to his demands.

6.        In Mandalay incarceration his health deteriorated so much that the panel of physicians advised the Government to release him and move to Almora sanatorium. T.B. was suspected.

7.        In Seoni jail he lost 82 pounds of weight and was on liquid diet.

8.        He was on the edge of death when operated on GALL BLADDER in Vienna.

9.        Attack of blood dysentery and diarrhea while escaping from Peshawar to Kabul. Baba too had similar attack while going to Kedarnath and at the time of death.

10.     While defying the ban and leading second Independence Day procession in Calcutta. Cops made a baton charge (Lathi-charge) and he bled and fractured fingers. While leading procession to demolish Holwell Monument. Again bled severely in Lathi-charge.

11.     Became unconscious and bled during attack by wardens in jail.

12.     B.B.C. announced on May 25th, 1942 that Subhash Bose died in air-crash in East Asia. Traitor Durani’s man garbed as Rasbehari Basu tried to murder Netaji at his house in Rangoon.

13.     House at Rangoon was strafed and bombed. From the pilot of a crashed allied plane map of Rangoon house was recovered.

14.     While addressing a rally in Rangoon strafing and bombing began but Netaji remained on dais. He was literally pulled by I.N.A. soldier who later deserted. Dais was blown off minutes after Netaji was forcibly brought to safety.

15.     In a trench soldier next to him died in strafing. He would sleep on a blanket in the open when bombing was on.

16.     During his march from Rangoon to Bangkok, the convoy was constantly strafed and Netaji would refuse to take shelter. Shah Nawaz Khan and S.A. Ayer have described how Netaji escaped death by inches.  Once he hanged a mirror on a bole of a tree and was shaving. The bullets of strafing perforated the opposite side of the bole. He continued shaving undisturbed.

17.     In his last journey he left Saigon airport and minutes after take off the place was bombed. The Allied forces tried their best to kill Netaji by hook or crook.

18.     He got burn injuries of the first degree in air crash at Taipei and died in army hospital on 18th Aug.1945.  Netaji himself told a cadet not to worry as the Britishers will not capture him dead or alive.  Field Marshal Terauchi himself came to meet Netaji at Bangkok and appreciated his lasting friendship with Japanese in adversity and assured that none would be able to touch a single hair of his. (R-948, 944, 950, 967) The detailed chart of controversy and reasons of his fake death and ashes is already submitted to JMCI.  No Indian leader believed in the death of Netaji immediately. Prof.Gordon concludes,     ” No one can settle the question of Bose’s death in 1945.”  Shaulmari Baba too escaped death in an attempt by Aghori Sadhus near Barabanki; Dixit; a Govt. Agent entered Ashram with revolver to kill him; At a Dak bungalow the constables looted treasury and wanted to murder him as culprit of the robbery. However due to his sixth sense he left the place at night only. He had strange illness when the very Dr. Nilratan Sircar was flown to Shaulmari Ashram. He did not care for his safety. See the example of our dangerous night travel towards Kedarnath or how he was to jump in the river Tista to save my life.

19.     The real gruesome death and horrendous aftermath is described in diaries already submitted to JMCI.

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