Subhash & Baba – Detested Politics

Posted By Author on December 16, 2011

Detested Politics

1.        He hated polluted politics, race for power and name. He felt sorry that politicians lacked selflessness and sacrifice. He lamented loss of Anil Baran Roy from politics, a genuine worker for the nation. (S122-23) Anil Baran Roy settled in Pondicherry Ashram. Baba once posed a question, “ What is the difference between pre-independence and post-independence leaders. He the answered, “ Nation first self later was motto of leaders before independence; self first nation later is the maxim of leaders after independence.” (Netaji lamented,’ since when politics has become an earning source. He wanted all provincial Congress ministries to resign.’)

I am not basically a politician. From the beginning I long for Divine Sadhana. By quirk of fate I am dragged in politics and getting submerged in it. I am getting far away from Divine Work. ” (S-122)

2.        Prof. Gordon remarks, ‘ Subhash needed and accepted the love and assistance of his brother Sarat. He could never have done what he did without his whole family and particularly Sarat and Biva.’ (G-613) It is true also about me. Without my eldest brother I could never have ventured to pursue this research work.

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