Subhash & Baba – Giving Gifts

Posted By Author on December 16, 2011

Giving Gifts

Netaji was really aristocratic in behavior. He knew giving and giving alone.

1.        On 18th Jan. marriage of C.R. Das’s granddaughter Minu was fixed.  He escaped on 16th Jan. at night and Minu received his personal letter in his own hand and present. So particular was he even amidst the dangerous task he was busy with.

2.        Mr. Vyas for the first time met Netaji in Berlin. His landlady was worried to see official car taking him away.  While departing Netaji put a tin of pure coffee in his hand and told,’ for your landlady.’ (S-397)

3.        When Netaji first time entered Singapore, he was in milky white silk suit. (R–620) See diary. It seems white silk suit was his choicest liking. When I was to marry in 1968, he sent Ashram ’s representative with white silk cloth for suit. It was ‘Kachha Muga‘ especially brought from Assam. I have still preserved the present. My wife received Banarasi blue costly Sari.  Baba, in spite of odds, never failed in his manners. May be a guest, a sadhu or Ashram member from outside, he would arrange the best food and treatment. His habit was to give ‘dakshina’ to priests, alms to poor, and food to Sadhus.

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