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Posted By Author on December 15, 2011

About Jews

Bose is also said to have written about the Indians as Aryans in an article for Josef Goebbels’ ANGRIFF and to have made some anti-Jewish statements. (Not found). The comments in the Jewish Chronicle of that time are quite hostile to Bose. (G-487) It is already pointed out how Subhash Bose commended FREUD and befriended and saved Kitty Kurti from Nazi onslaught by warning her to leave Europe. On the contrary he forced Kitty Kurti to leave Germany to avoid Nazi persecution of Jews. Like Nazi maniacs he never nourished hatred anti-Jewish rabidity of Hitler. However from humanitarian point of view Baba condemned Israel for atrocities on Palestine. See Baba’s opinion on Arab-Israel war in diary.  It was interesting to know that Adolf Hitler’s great grandmother was Jew and yet with Jewish blood in his veins he committed history’s worst holocaust of Jews.  I read that Emilie also had Jewish ancestor.

It is a fact that Jews suffered immensely for forty years after exodus from Egypt. However, Old Testament described atrocities committed by twelve tribes of Jews under Moses and later under Joshua. They killed all citizen and kings, burnt their cities and usurped their land. They were iconoclastic. Unparallel atrocities were committed against uncircumcised people. Again after the crucifixion of Christ, Jews were driven out of their homeland and spread all over the world. Third onslaught they suffered at the hands of Hitler in gory holocaust. After the end of World War II with the American aid Jews re-established their homeland. It is most intelligent and orthodox community that revived dead Hebrew language. Arab-Jews conflict still persists. Jews are very rich people, best writers, scientists, and musicians, actors, cine producers, newspaper barons, and best soldiers. Israel is surviving because of the richest Diaspora of Jews that govern the American politics. This was all discussed with Baba. He never had any animosity against the Jews. However he wanted Palestinians to live happily. He emphasised symbiosis — policy of live and let live. (See F-94)

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