Subhash & Baba – Power of Mantra

Posted By Author on December 15, 2011

Power of Mantra

“For the last four or five years, I have become a believer in    MANTRA-SHAKTI by which I mean that certain Mantras have an inherent Shakti. Prior to that I had the ordinary rationalistic view namely that the Mantras are like symbols and they aid to concentration. But MY STUDY OF TANTRA philosophy gradually convinced me that Mantras had inherent Shakti. ” (G-263)

Dilip Roy remarks, ‘” What is important is that the inner religious explorations continued to be a part of his adult life.” While leaving for Europe he was very weak and he decided to restart TANTRA SADHANA again. (S-126)

Baba was a firm believer in Mantra Shakti. One day we had a cyclonic storm. When it quelled Baba came out. We walked around to examine the damage to huts. At Vidyapith (Guptakashi) roof of the school building was blown off.  Baba then explained how Mantras have power. He recited one Mantra to quell a storm. It is under 3/6/1966 date of diary. Asaram bapu, a living saint of Gujarath explained Mantra power on T.V. and cited how a couple saved their life by Mantra Shakti in the accident when Bangalore bound train fell in river. I was with Pachlegaonkar Maharaj who was known all over India.  By Mantra he would save life of persons with poisonous snakebite. He garlanded Nehru with a crate and Nehru is seen in horror in the photograph. I know a family who heal molar pain by Mantra. Well it is difficult for me to believe or not to believe in Mantra Shakti.

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