Subhash Chandra Bose – Epilogue

Posted By Author on December 17, 2011


The mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s death remained unresolved till today.  Lord Wavell and Lord Mountbatten discarded Netaji’s death in 1945. The Governments of India, Japan, Russia, England, United States of America, Germany, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore failed to give any conclusive clue to Netaji’s death. The Shah Nawaz Committee and Justice Khosla Commission though approved Netaji’s death in 1945, miserably failed to give conclusive evidence and proofs.

The enigma of I.N.A. Treasure still remains a mystery.  When there was hue and cry in the nook and corner of India that Shri Saradanandaji Founder of Shaulmari Ashram was Subhash Chandra Bose, the relatives, people of Bengal, people of the country, State Government of Bengal and Government of India miserably failed to take simple palm prints of Shaulmari Baba and tally them with palm prints of Netaji to ascertain and end the controversy.

As on today I devoted forty-five years of my prime period of life on solving the mystery of Netaji’s death. I have already submitted some document to JMCI. Herein salient features, traits, habits, nature etc are given. Nothing is irrelevant because almost each item mentioned above surprisingly tallies with Shri Saradanandaji of Shaulmari Ashram.  If time permits diary page numbers will be depicted before each item for easy corroboration. I have put 2+2.  Whether it makes four, five or three is to be decided by the honorable third commission of inquiry or draw conclusion by readers. Lot of photographs and documents and correspondence is still pending to be submitted.  I shall submit a sealed envelop which is to be opened and read by the honorable Chairman only and I will leave it to the discretion of honorable Chairman whether to take it on record or not. The matter is explosive but has hundred percent scientific proof of Netaji’s survival after 1945. I doubt whether the Commission would dare to tell the whole truth.

Lastly Baba’s version, “No. Subhash never died in air-crash in 1945.” I queried, then where did he go?  Answer evaded by saying, “Fujiwara might have shot him.”

As per his favorite stanza of Alexander Pope:

“Thus let me live unseen, unknown

Thus let me die, steal from

The world and not a stone tell where I lie”.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, nay, Baba, bade adieu to this mundane and mortal world, UNWEPT UNSUNG, just 21 days short of his 80th birthday, on January 2nd, 1977 at 194 Rajpura Road, Dehradun, at about 2:35 pm and the petrified body was consigned to flames and merged into eternity on April 19, 1977 under the armed gendarme on the bank of holy Ganges at Rishikesh.

People at large never understood Subhash Chandra Bose and the dwarfs miserably fail to assess him in the highest esteem, the man of destiny who won freedom for India. Non-Violence neither stopped any conflict in the history of the world nor will it succeed in the present or future. It will remain Utopia.

Character of no living organism is based on sex act in the nature. So is true even about Gods and great men. The more one suppresses the sex urge the more violently it erupts like compressed steam or volcano. Every great man suffers poignant criticism from some quarter for certain lacunae. All lamps radiate glow but there is darkness underneath.

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