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Radhakantji tried to appease me.  Baba called me early.  He opened yesterday’s discussion regarding Grand Canal construction. He was thinking of construction of a canal from Assam to Bombay. He proposed its dimensions as sixty feet deep and four thousand feet wide and that would be utilized for navigation, irrigation, fishery and flood control. I explained all difficulties by drawing maps on the land and proposed that nitty gritty of problems of gradient, catchments, evaporation, construction, utility and rainfall would have to be tackled.  He agreed and suggested to give a thought to it seriously. I pointed out that in 1955 I wrote an article on Grand Canal of India and Bridge on the Bering Strait connecting Russia and North America. I see both are considered now. I told Baba that Amarkantak was the nodal point of Indian drainage. He told to get atlas. He was amused to see big rivers radiating from Amrkantak. He then left for bath.

I too had bath with Bhaiyya and from there we went to Mitranand’s temple. I was hungry since yesterday. On my request Mitranand prepared hot parathas and served me. There in the camp all were searching us in all the four directions.  Radhakant, Gobind and Shomu reached and found us out.  They were exhausted and heaving loudly.  I told them to rest.  Shomu ran back to inform the discovery to Baba who crossed the island and was near Gharat in search of us.  He was very much worried and thought that we might have had been swept away in the river.  I shook hands with Radhakantji and told him to forgive and forget the coffee incident.  I reminded him that I was a mini Baba so far as anger was concerned. Radhakant also admitted his guilt.  We decided to pacify Baba but Shomu unfortunately disclosed coffee episode to Baba.

As we approached Baba he said that we were childish.  I bluffed him that because Dandge was to leave he wanted to visit the temple and hence we went thinking that he would not come out for an hour. There was no grudge.  Baba calmed down.  He commanded all to change over clothes and meet him inside.  He gave advice on community living and dictated the following note:

“Wider thinking even if it is not translated into action widens the heart and the brain and as such widens the vision provided it is really of the thinking pattern with systematic approach and not an imagination type or fantasy mode.  So whatever you are in yourself and try to think, adjust and readjust always, see to it that it becomes progressively deeper and wider.  Even in case of imagination which is not systematized, the wider it is the more conducive will it be to your growth and note thinking is systematic and regulated imagination.”

The storm in the teacup was over.  He then sent us for lunch.  Immediately after it he called me and after a brief chat went in for rest.

At 5 P.M. Baba and I were seated outside.  Chinu was in my lap.  Saxena arrived from Shrinagar at 5.30 with bananas.  He left in the morning for that.  Then Baba left for his early evening meal.  After that he assembled all of us in Chinu’s hut.  Baba then dictated two following prayers to me and told to try to understand it’s meaning, then bring the image of Ramkrishna Paramhans Deo before mind’s eye and sing it together.

The English rendering of Bengali prayer on Vivekananda is as below:

Mahasenapati Bbibekananda woije daki chhe aai re aai |

Aahawane tar apne buliya kato maharathi chutiya jaya ||

Atmavyager ognimantre dikhit hoi Navin tantre |

Bhogwad jat da-tadadalieete apna shapeete ke jabi aay ||

Swartha dand bhog kolahal yene cche jagate shudhuhalahal |

Nibate ajajeeke yei dabanal premabadi sheje aine chhe hoya ||

Yashodwa yashokaruna nidhan laho aatimam tanuman pran |

Krupakari karoa ashish dan tab kajejano jiban jay ||

Rendering of Bengli prayer in English on Goddess Saraswati, the deity of knowledge that Baa recited is as below:


Branti karar barav chhediya Pradnya aalok dipta rathe

Ceer yug dhari bhramite chha tumi vishwamanav Chitta pathe

Anrutrupi Karuna tumar vishwbhuwane chhalaye padi

Dhanya karichhe Nikhil bishwe ati manave murti gadhi

Namo namo namo dibya jibanmantricchalaye padi

Shastra neekar karini dhanna pragyan dhan murtimate

Udhil je din pralayabaji pratham akaro tapan chand

Akhal bhranti danna jadata shubhra charane mathit kari

Aalokjal pratham prabhate uthechhile shudha bhand dhari

Namo namo namo girwani bedh bidhatri Saraswati

Shastra nikar karini dhanna pragyan dhan murtimati

Kunda kusuma shbhra basana Rabi jhalkit tushar dipti

Sneha kanchan malika kandhi baravi Karuna beej trupti

Manas Hans raj shamasheena gyan chandane lalate las

Shudha aaved shvet sharoru hey Charan balay premabhishikta

Namo namo namo gyan shaswat diptidayini Shashwati

Shastani karo karina shanna pragyan dhan mirti

Yashoma amar Shakti chharaye Tung shkhar hoite nami

Tumari divya alok jano ma barshe jibani dibash jani

The meaning of underlined wordings in order was explained by Baba as below:

1. Superman

2. Joy of conquering by compassion

3. Here the Divine Mother Saraswati is depicted as riding the swan that is really the  psyche.

4. (Forgot?)

After the dictation, topic for discussion was ghosts, Paralok (other world), rebirth etc.  Gita brought hot puris and rosgullas and kept in front of us for distribution after talk.  Everybody was anxious to end the talk and gulp the sweets.  I decided to play a mischief.  I was purposefully stretching the discussion by asking more and more questions and Baba would provide answers with examples.  Some started pinching me from the back and others made signals to stop the discussion.  I was enjoying their restlessness.  Baba told ghost stories of England and Tower of London, Ghost stories of Bijoykrishna Goswami, his experience, etc. etc.  I stopped questioning and then Baba cautioned me that I should not relate ghost stories as told by him because people would not believe in them and they might presume Baba a lunatic.  (Discovery channel projected many episodes on haunted places and there is a night tour in London to see ghosts.) Baba performs meditation in mosquito net like Swami Vivekananda. He told his escape from the jaws of death.  Near Rishikesh was a man-eater tiger and people believed that a Sadhu used to take form of the tiger to satisfy his hunger. He was caught as the culprit but later on they left him.  The patience of others was on the breaking point as it was 10.30 P.M. Stopped.  We took sweets and returned for dinner and after a light chat called it a day.

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