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Baba told Ramkrishnaji to ask Vinod Sharma a loan of Rs.fifty thousand for six months for Ashram.  When Ramkrishnaji enquired as to when the work would start, Baba said within six months.  Baba told him that he would have to resign then.  Before leaving the Himalayas Baba wanted to visit Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Amarkantak and told Ramkrishnaji to obtain leave and accompany him. Then he asked Baba about plan.  Baba told him that in the initial stage hundred crore (crore = ten million) rupees would be brought from the United States of America and the first project would be establishment of Shaulmari University. I raised a doubt that the Government might come in the way and impede the whole process. Baba shot back, “ Power is a minute’s job.” He laughed.  I asked him whether he would reveal his identity and earlier life. He said no, but if Mother’s order comes he would do so.  Further he added that he wanted to take a world tour and selected people would accompany him.  I lightly said that if I were not included I would go on fast.  He laughed. As we got up he warned not to talk about all that anywhere.

Is it not true that had he revealed his identity, as Subhash Bose his conquest would have been like Caesar’s veni vidi vici? I came I saw, I conquered- Ascribed to Caesar on his victory over Pharnaces.


I went to see off Ramkrishnaji to Kund Chatti three miles away.  Ramkrishnaji looked exhausted while climbing the mountain.  I told him to follow at ease and that I would go ahead and detain the bus.  The bus came only two hours late and he got the seat.  I came back and saw that Gangadhar Maithani, M.L.A. of the region, with his five workers was sitting in my hut.  Ramanidada entrusted me to look after them.  We had a chat and as per message from Baba I offered them ‘parahatas’ and tea.  They were clean bold to see aroma and quality of ghee.  He requested me to snatch time and visit his Vidyapith.  They left. In the whole region I found that Maithani was the only Garhwali with potbelly.  Immediately after he left Baba called me.
Baba knew Maithani already. Then smilingly he told that he remembered him but that fellow might have forgotten.  Fifteen years ago Baba had taken a meal at his house.  Then he was secretary of Vidyapith.  He remarked that he was a good man.  I told him that on 1st May he would again come.  Baba told me to remind him on the previous day.  For one and half hour two of us were busy in discussion.  Haribandhu had gone to Srinagar for purchases and Baba was very much worried as to why Haridas did not return from Haridwar. He was dispatched two days before to bring Gangetic silt for medicine.  He instructed that if he did not come that day, some one should be sent to Haridwar to find out what happened to him.  He was restless.


Baba told me his ideas about proposed University as follows: “There will be a faculty of Spiritualism.  Study of Hathayog, Dnyanyoga, Rajyoga and Bhaktiyoga will be included in this faculty.  There will be separate faculties for philosophy and psychology.  In philosophy study of Indian and Western philosophy will go side by side so that relative study will be done.  There will be many branches in psychology (I do not remember).  Work on parapsychology is very meager in India.”  When I asked fate of my subject Geography, he said, ”Perhaps it is the most undeveloped subject. Stress must be given on visual aids and demonstration.  Theory and practical should go simultaneously at a time.” I said a faculty for Military weapons and development was essential. He said, “I had it in my mind but it will have to be opened in collaboration with the Government.  Geography will be both in science and arts.  We shall keep research workers independent.  There will not be objection for their postgraduate teaching.  It is an insult to motherland to underrate Indian degrees compared to foreign ones.  Once our standard was low but not now.  We will have to change system of examination.  Semester system and weekly examinations will have to be introduced and screening of students must be done. It should be residential University and students will have to be segregated from parents.”  I narrated fate of an extraordinary brilliant student of chemistry, my friend Dr. B.J. Ghiya, as to how he refused offer to go abroad and remained as mere lecturer because of age and seniority factor.  Baba said, ”Difficulty is that talented can care for talented but the Government is full of untalented and hence boys go abroad permanently.”  Then we talked about guides.  On intellect he remarked, ”Intellect increases with sublimation of sex. It is proper but very dangerous simultaneously.  Instead of that transformation is better. “  Then he talked on libido and criticized high rate of divorce in U.S.A. According to him nowadays no training was given to young boys and girls about married life and its responsibilities.  Then he recited a very long Sanskrit verse meaning that in married life mind, suffering, joy, heart etc. become one between husband and wife.  He lamented that sanctity of sex was replaced by brutal sex.  He expressed his view on family planning, as referred earlier.  He stopped the discussion and proposed inspection of cowshed.  A new cow was brought today.  It was getting dark and I saw a torch light on the upper slope.  I brought it to his attention and surmised that probably Haridas was returning.  Baba told Ramanidada and me to go forward.  It was Haridas.

After his tea, couple of us escorted him back to bus stop because he alone could not bring goods. Lot of vegetables and about forty-kilo silt was brought.  After dinner I was called in.  A bird called ‘bulbul ‘ entered Baba’s hut and it would not leave.  I tried to catch but ultimately Baba caught it himself and released outside.


I got up and completed my routine.  Baba came out and called me.  In the morning Shomu was sent to Kund to bring 40 Kg. of silt that Haridas brought from Haridwar.  He brought it and then it was filled in two earthen pots called ‘matka’.  It was kept for boiling near Baba’s fence.  It was to be boiled for ten to sixteen hours. Shomu was instructed to go to Okhimath before going to Kund and told to give a ring to Ratan to bring two religious books in Bengali and textbooks of Physics and Chemistry for Sukumar (Suku).  Shomu did not go to Okhimath and Baba got off.  Why Shomu defied the order?  It was 10.45 A.M. Baba put on his turban-like cloth and took umbrella and started for Okhimath post office. I dissuaded him.  He told me to immediately go to Okhimath and send a telegram to Ratan.  I climbed half the mountain when poor Shomu came running and panting.  It was his job and hence Baba dispatched him to replace me.  I returned.  Baba was standing outside.  He called me and told me that a separate hutment was to be constructed for Gita.  He showed me the spot.  I cleaned it. Removed stones and dug pits for fixing stilts.  Gaurkishor and Dinbandhu were sent to bring requisite timber.

Baba was in his other usual mood.  He was angry again as to why his rice was not cleaned.  He found a kernel while eating.  Baba then turned to me and said that in seven years he could not teach them how to clean and cook rice therefore his living with them was useless.  The unintentional mistake was of Dipali.  He sent us for lunch and rest.  At 3 P.M. he called me and told to give Rs.500 to them to go to Ashram.  Again volley of his anger began.  Ramanidada surreptitiously made a sign to his daughter Dipali and Shantididi.   Ramanidada and I went inside his hut. Dipali came and asked an apology but in vain.  Owing to angry mood Baba had not taken food in the morning and evening too.  It was second time that he sent back both the cows.  I dined, had a walk and retired.

Got up early and got busy in routine. Baba enquired with Shomu about me and then told him not to disturb me as I might be in my meditation and it was correct. He told Shomu to send me afterwards. When I went I realized that his yesterday’s bout of anger was not over.  He told me to see proper accommodation for rest at Agastimuni or Rudraprayag or Rishikesh.  Being Sunday the traffic via Deoprayag was closed and hence my departure was cancelled till Monday.  Baba pulled Dinbandhu and others and told them to leave the camp that day only.  Dinbandhu felt it insulting and in a paroxysm of anger left the camp.  Gaurkishore tried to stop him.  Haridas ran after him.  I was called in and Baba gave a dictation, which denoted that I made two mistakes.  One was that I narrated Naresh’s expression that Ashram brothers did not work and second was that I told him that Radhakant and Krishnakant gave indirect and hazy indication to people that Baba was Netaji and thereby extracted money for the Ashram.  I became blunt and frank and told him that I did so to clear my conscience.  In fact Ramkrishnaji told me many stories of Krishnakant to prove my statement.  As per Baba’s further dictation he blamed Pandey brothers and pointed out that as long as they listened and obeyed him, money came in lakhs of rupees till then.  I told Baba that I felt depressed for making a candid revelation to him.  Baba then assuaged my feelings.  Then he opened other topics.


He narrated,” In hundred years war a British drum boy by mistake went to the French camp.  The Duke of Normandy ordered him to play retreat.  He refused and expressed his willingness to go to the gallows in preference to that. He boldly told that instead of it he would play advance. The Duke appreciated his courage and with all honor sent him back.  The British officers in the East India Company indulged in selfishness and to stop that the queen Victoria took the Government in her hands.  After that alone ‘country first’ attitude was observed amongst the British officers.”

I pointed out that in academic courses there was no history of the revolutionaries and explained as to how Baal Shastri Hardas wrote books and delivered lecture series on it.  He became inquisitive and asked details of Hardas.

He touched topic of Sadhu Samaj, an all India organization formed by Tukdoji Maharaj.  His Ashram in formative period was near my home in Khaparde Garden and present established complex is at Mozari about twenty-two miles from Amravati on Nagpur road. I told Baba as to how my friend Prof. S.T.Deshmukh, Statistics, left everything and joined Tukdoji’s Ashram as number one disciple and ultimately he left frustrated realizing hypocrisy.  Baba told that in his walk of India he had been to that Ashram and in presence of his secretary by left hand he wrote a strong criticism in their register of commendation (1957).


About revolutionaries I referred Mohan Ranade of Goa and pointed out that to date he was languishing in the Portuguese prison at Lisbon.  Baba remarked that after liberating Goa why the Government could not keep a single Portuguese officer for ransom.  I affirmed none was kept.  He said too much liberalism was supposed to be greatness but in reality it is stupidity. “Suresh, when proper time would comes note down to remind me of this “, emphasized Baba.

I suggested that in the faculty of History, there should be a section of war and strategy.  It appealed to him very much and he gave the following note:

“In the Department of History there must be a branch of War and Strategy both ancient and modern”.
Baba then began to worry about Dinbandhu.  He told Ramanidada and me to go up and see the situation.  Both of us climbed up to the road.  Haridas and Gaurkishor met.  Ramanidada was utterly exhausted and we requested him to go back and rest.  He left.  Haridas and I reached Kund chatti to search Dinbandhu. It was 12.30 P.M. and by 2.30 P.M. we got bus for Rudraprayag.  We searched all possible places but there was no trace.  It was 5 P.M. and last bus was due.  I told Haridas that I would return after informing Baba.  However I missed the bus.  For stay we went to the Inspection Bungalow and had altercation with the son of caretaker.  Consequently we resorted to Badrinath Dharamshala.  In the evening M.L.A. Maithani met.  His Sikh driver talked with us.

While reaching Rudraprayag we had a brief halt at Agasti Muni.  One Alamsingh happened to meet us.  He was a company commander in Netaji’s Indian National Army and at present he was serving as a block organizer.  He worked in Germany and became Prisoner of War.  He was tried in trial at Red Fort, Delhi.  He was of firm conviction that Netaji did not die in air crash.  At the time of trial he wanted to speak about Netaji’s survival but Habibur Rahman made a sign by enlarging eyes and made him quiet. He told that in Meerut Congress Session he put question directly to Nehru and Gandhiji and installed the first entrance gate in the name of Netaji and placed his portrait above the gate.  He purposely kept the height of the gate only four feet high to compel everyone to bow down for entry in front of Netaji’s portrait.

Got up at 4 A.M. at Rudraprayag.  Caught 7 A.M. gate.  Alone boarded a bus to Srinagar.  On each halt at stalls enquired whether on previous day anyone came across a Bengali who could not speak Hindi. At Khagara I was told that one man entered a taxi.  I was hopeful. I reached Srinagar and enquired in all booking windows and hotels but in vein.  By 10 A.M. bus I returned to Rudraprayag.  Haridas was eagerly waiting for me.  I purchased tennis shoes for Gita at Srinagar. I reached Rudraprayag at midday. Next gate available was at 2 P.M. Purchased Newspapers.  Both of us reached Kunda chatti at 4 P.M. Rain ceased but wind was terrific.  Shomu conveyed our arrival.  After bath called on Baba. I told that I was not definite about Dinbandhu.  He told that two hours before Gaurkishor and Haribandhu were sent to Kedarnath side to search him and that it was proper that I went up to Srinagar.  Then he called Shantididi, widow sister of Dinbandhu, and enquired as to what clothes and money Dinbandhu carried.  We were relieved for lunch.

I finished lunch and Baba came to see welfare of cows.  I joined him.  Cows were hungry.  He put some grass and told me to personally look after forage and water. While coming to the camp the crippled owner of the cow asked me as to how many times we would return cow to him.  I told him as many times as Baba would be angry.

Baba took me outside his fence and told me to prepare a ‘chula’ (fire amidst stones for cooking).  He was seated on a folding chair and under his direction told to cook khichari.  He brought cabbage and skinned potatoes from his kitchen. (Netaji was specialist in preparation of Bhatebhat. At the house of his political Guru C.R Das he often used to cook it in Basantidevi’s kitchen.) After washing vegetables he told me to mix the lot into khichari.  It was getting dark and in the glow of fire he began to talk and told as follows: “Suresh, I an now getting impatient to start the work.”  He laughed and reminisced, “Yadunath Sarkar was Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University.  A question paper of English was set very difficult for intermediate examination.  Amongst all students eighty percent boys could not solve the paper.  Therefore students went to him to complain. He rebuked them that to ask for grace was a disgrace.  Afterwards, his son failed at the very examination. He gave him grace of eighteen marks.”

I told Baba, a news item of weekly Blitz.  Hatayogi Rao (who failed to demonstrate walking over water) threw an open challenge to Satya Sai Baba of Bangalore about latter’s miracle of bringing out things from air.  On that Baba told a story of a Hathayogi. “C.V.Raman was in Calcutta.  The yogi told him that he would drink fuming nitric acid in his presence.  Raman asked him whether he was on his senses.  Then all things were done in writing and in presence of Raman and his friends the Yogi gave a successful demonstration.  Later on, the Yogi died in a similar demonstration in Burma.  Such misuse of Yogic power is not proper.  I knew Sai Baba but this new one must be examined.  If his feat was a trick he should be punished as 420 (a number of Indian Penal Code for cheating) and if he is really performing a miracle which is possible then he must be sternly rebuked for misuse”.

Then Baba told one more story of a Bengali Yogi named Gyanananda.  “Gyanananda went to a Kalipuja function.  As ‘prasad’ he was offered liquor.  He told them that he would accept provided they gave as much as he wanted.  There were about a thousand bottles and hence they agreed.  The Swami gulped all bottles and everybody was wonderstruck. Gyananand used to help revolutionaries.  Ultimately he was arrested.  Three of his disciples blocked the passage and Swamiji sacrificed his life and left the world.”  (Gyanananda of fifteen hundred years old in Tibet is different.) Baba was in a good mood and he further told another story.  “There was a very rich Mahant of an ‘akhada’.  He was a man of lakhs.  Chandra Shekhar Azad and his friends once decided that Azad should become his ‘chela’ (disciple).  The Mahant was seventy-five years old and they expected him to die soon.  After that all the money was to be utilized for revolutionary purpose.  Azad became his ‘chela’. Chandrashekhar saw that Sadhu was taking heavy exercise daily and digesting almonds and pistachios regularly.  He realized that Sadhu would not die for another ten years and hence left.”

Our khichari was ready and then Baba left for his dinner.  Kolyani came and asked me jokingly whether along with us cows too were to receive khichari.  With the hope that Shubir would arrive, Shomu and Haridas had been to Kund and arrived without him. I dined. Wrote diary, and slept.

Ramanidada came and waked me up. I finished my routine.  Shomu came to invite me.  Baba was near cows.  Baba dictated the following letter to me:

Shri Vinod Sharma, Meerut.

The Shaulmari Ashram has not at all the inclination to accept money, whether loan or Bhiksha, from a man of broken promises and as such the rupees one thousand you handed over to Shri Shubir is being returned to you along with Rs.25/- which expense you must have incurred for supplying meals, etc., to Shubir and another Rs.25/- for your sending wheat and ‘dhoop’ (incense).
Sd/- Dr.S.S.Padhye
Member Shaulmari Ashram.

(This was written on letterpad of the Ashram. Remember compromise was not the word in Netaji’s dictionary)


Shubir and Rajat Bhadra came from Shaulmari Ashram in the morning.  Vinod Sharma gave only Rs.1000/- to Shubir, half for the camp and half for the Ashram.  He had promised one thousand each.  Shubir was to take the above letter and return money personally.  I suggested sending T.M.O. and postal letter to save labour, time and money.  Baba said to Ramanidada that Suresh was right.  Then T.M.O., telegram and letter were sent from Okhimath that day only. Afterwards a letter was sent to Ramkrishnaji that without prior permission he should not bring any guests.  Baba said that thrice he refused interview to Sharma earlier.
After sending money to Meerut, the balance with us dwindled to Rs.300/- only.  The bamboo-mat maker came for money.  Baba told me to clear his previous dues and accordingly I paid him Rs.20/-.

Baba then narrated the news brought by Rajat:

“Suresh, Haripad Bose was formerly in the Ashram.  A case was instituted against him for cheating.  He was not accepting summons of the court and so we applied for non-bailable warrant.  He was handcuffed and taken to court.  Through Ramani I tried to warn him and save him but it proved of no use.  Languishingly he further told, ” In one case of the Ashram I am cited as defence witness.  First Falakata court informed that it was impossible to serve summons to me.  Later the summons used to be put on the main gate of the Ashram but I have never signed its acceptance.  Niharendu requested me to give witness on commission.  I told him that I shall not stop smoking before the court.”  I asked him that he would be required to address the court as ‘Your honor’.  Baba said he would do it, “Respect must be given to chair”. He said in asking stay, etc, the case would be pulled on for two more years easily.  If he was called immediately, it was impossible but after completing the work in the Himalayas he might agree to appear before commission.  “Opponents feel that I shall never appear in court and they are expecting compromise in all cases.  They are wrong.”  Baba told that Niharendu was intimated to withdraw power of attorney of Radhakant on behalf of the Ashram and directed to adjourn cases for two and half months.  Niharendu’s letter had come and he mentioned that Radhakant wept for a long time.  In some cases examination-in-chief of Radhakant was over and cross-examination was due.  It was the discretion of magistrate whether to allow fresh representative or not.  Baba observed that some cases might be dismissed and what more.  It did not matter.  Then about Niharendu Dutt Mazumdar he remarked, ”he is ‘Khudabaksh’.  He is very liberal. He could have earned Rs.25000/- a month but he has sense of humanity.  Once he won a suit of six lakhs rupees and the client simply offered him a basket of fruits.  Do you know Suresh, C.R.Das’s real practice began after Aurobindo’s case and he came in limelight.  Rajendrababu was very liberal.”

Rajat told that the T.M.O. of Rs.2000/- sent at the camp was from Rs.2000/- taken by Krishnakant from Satyacharan and Shivacharan Chakraborty brothers of Balance Factory of Banaras and knowing that Baba would switch over to off mood. He therefore did not disclose the source of money. Baba shouted that when the Ashram had cut off all relations then why that fool took money.  Baba dictated a letter in Ramanidada’s name to Krishnakant that he committed beastly blunder and that if he came to see Baba he would be treated as a criminal and from that day he would receive letter that he should not make use of the name of the Ashram as member.  Baba told me that Gobind Shah was told to make arrangement of money and he would soon arrive from Calcutta but Rs.2000/- alone was to be paid to Niharendu for his juniors’ fees and that clearance was to be made immediately.

Haribandhu and Gaurkishore traced and brought Dinbandhu from Fata, about eight miles from Guptakashi on the Kedarnath route.  Baba got off on Dinabandu for wasting his time.  He told him to take Rs.200/- and go back to the Ashram next day.  Then he turned to me and told in mild voice that all expenses should be curtailed and we should pull on Rs.500/- a month.  I agreed.

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