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Posted By Author on May 26, 2010

Got up at 3.30 A.M. Awoke Mashima.  Both took bath in bloody cold.  Baba was to give up fast at 6 A.M. and hence preparation of preliminaries began. At 6 A.M. all assembled with bath and awaited his arrival.  He came out at 7.30 A.M. and sat in Sunlight on chair outside the fence.  He was off on Ratan and rebuked him that but for his mistake money would have come in the month.  Gita distributed slices of mosambi to us with wrinkles on forehead.  Baba already took juice and left fast.  We shifted in shade. Again he was off on Ratan and then dictated a telegram to sell his residence at the Ashram.  I objected and told him that we could easily get Rs. fifteen hundred from Sitapur.  I told him not to sell his house for that sum.  He went inside telling me to take breakfast.  Again we sat together.  He dictated a letter to Budhiballabh Penoli at Rishikesh instructing him to make an arrangement of thirty two hundred rupees.  Then he told Ratan and Rajat to proceed to Ashram immediately for a case and collection of money.  At midday they left.  It would take two days’ journey to reach Ashram and Ratan arrived just on the previous evening. All worked as servile robots.

I reminded Baba to tell me his plan about capital of India.  He laughed and said, “ Suresh, today I will let you know my plan. It is in my mind to shift the capital of India to Amarkantak. The plateau at four thousand feet altitude will be occupied for University and another plateau at two thousand feet altitude will be utilized for new capital of India.  It will occupy about hundred square miles.  Man is useless without aesthetic sense. (Veni Madhao Das, his teacher inculcated love for nature in young Subhash.)  The capital will have ancient Indian architecture and Gothic architecture. There will be a ban on sale or purchase of land in an area of two hundred miles around so that businessmen should not make money out of it.  About five hundred crores is not too much for construction of capital.  Millionaires will be extracted partly.  Communication would automatically develop.  All of you will go to Ashram but I will stay in the Himalayas for a couple of years. We will immediately need a forty seater jet plane and a helicopter. Let us see.”
I took lunch and gave a cut to foot to remove thorn.  It was painful.  Again from 1.30 to 3.15 P.M. Baba had discussion with me.  Ratan gave some letters from Ashram before he left.  He got his last bonus as to why did he not give yesterday only.

On politics Baba remarked,” Nehru had soaring fantasy but he could not do to realize it. As an administrator he was zero. During partition of the country if he would have had slightest sense of administration thousands of men, women and children would have been saved.  When Niharendu showed him two of my thoughts ‘simplest problem is most difficult to understand, etc’, Nehru kept mum and said he does not understand what this Shaulmari business is.  About the man Bhandari who entered Ashram with revolver at one o’clock in the dead of night and he was left scot-free under the pretext of lunacy, .a thorough enquiry will have to be made even after ten years afterwards.  I must know whether he was sent by State or Center.  I strongly feel Nehru had his hand in it and he shall get posthumous strictures for that.  Be sure.  It is senseless to talk that a man having all India revolver license comes to Ashram from a thousand miles sanely and then becomes insane and after release again becomes sane.”

“After partition, now I tell you, I travelled immediately through Punjab and surveyed the whole situation. What a pity a ‘jattha’ (crowd) of fifty thousand people would travel from four hundred miles afoot with youngsters to guard with whatever weapons they had and in the center women, children and old men were guarded.  Fifty percent people died and were killed on way. When they entered India they went on wiping out each and every Muslim from villages.  One landlord told me how his four good loyal Muslim servants were killed.  Why such innocents be killed?  It is inhuman.” I expressed, “ If not acted like that they would not have been called men”. Baba remained silent and serious and said, “There was a village consisting all Muslims near Haridwar. A throng of fifty thousand marched over it.  All villagers escaped to forest except one young girl of eighteen years.  She was caught and brought in procession for three hours.  She was shouting ‘hai Allah’.  Haridwar is pious place, a place of holy sadhus and sanyasis. But not a single sadhu came forward to say that innocent girl should be released.  Indian culture was tarnished. What type of sadhus are these.  They are cheats.  Afterwards the girl was drowned and killed.”  Baba’s eyes became blood shot and voice transformed into high pitch. Baba added, “One Punjabi fellow took his daughter telling her that they will play new type of ‘shikar’ (hunting sport).  They went to nearby village and one by one killed about two hundred men, women and children.  What inhuman doing! And do you know the congress people honoured the girl publicly.  Shameless brutes.  This is cowardice not bravery.”

“Nephew of Yadunath Sarkar (historian) was fighting on the Burma front.  For three continuous days he fought against the Japanese.  He asked for a relief battalion to his British officer.  He did not give relief for eight days telling that natives were not available and how the British could serve relief to Indians.  He lost his temper and along with all his soldiers crossed a bridge, demolished it and surrendered to the Japanese. This is outcome of anger and hatred.  He was later killed in I.N.A.’s fight because till today there is no trace of him. With what brazen face British imperialists named I.N.A. as Imperial Nippon Army?”

“Attlee was compelled to give freedom to India.  Gandhi spoke to him ‘you and the British may not know it but India is to get her freedom’.  One week before no one knew about Clement’s decision.”
“Attlee used to call Nasser as Colonel Nasser.  Then one Indian columnist in Britain started referring Major Attlee and Captain Eden. After that those people realized and started addressing Nasser in proper terms.”

“Montgomery was no doubt a superior type of General than Eisenhower and others.  He loved his men.  He had feelings.  Of course none can beat Rommel.  The British and the Americans won the war more by strength than tactics.  Singapore sky was covered with bombers and ultimatum was given. There was no other go but to surrender to save Singapore.”

“I have not seen Golwalkar but from his photo I can say that he is a true man.  I read some of his literature also.  His thoughts are rich but only thing is that his ideal must be made lofty.  He can easily be yielded to lofty ideal.  Unfortunately nobody tried to do so to him as yet.  I am confident he can easily be moulded.” I told Baba that I read in newspaper that either at Bilaspur or Rourkela Hindu refugees poured from East Bengal recently.  Students gathered there to see them on station.  There was a young Bengali girl whose breast was cut off.  A Muslim student laughed at her and other students killed him then and there.  Baba opined, “They did the right thing.  Of course if the case had been reverse and a Hindu boy would have laughed at and if they would have killed him then you must have courage to justify the action.  Then alone you have right to say that they have done the right thing.”

“Suresh, remember Goondas (ruffians) are a caste by themselves.  They are in all religions.  In terai region there is an Ashram of an educated Sanyasi.  Once I had a night halt there. I had lot of discussion.  He described one incident.  Five Punjabi boys tried to rape a Mohammedan girl.  She had a knife with her and she cut the male organ of one boy.  This Sanyasi asked me ‘are not the Mohammedan cruel?’ I rebuked him.  What a Hindu girl would have done?  If she did so you would justify her.  Remember Suresh.  One must be very careful in judging things.  Never be perverted.”  I related previous day’s incident.  A villager was carrying a long dry log.  I found a true Gandhian in him.  After an hour and half session Baba went at 3 P.M. for rest.

Mitranand and Pareshwardatta Dahasmana came.  Mitranand promised to give three hundred rupees next day as loan.  We had a general chat.  Dhasmana told that Minister’s programme of tour was informed fifteen days before.  Most of the ministers manage official tour during season of fair. When T.T.Krishnamachari was minister, his family and secretary came.  The secretary was off on the tahsildar for not arranging coolies.  The tahsildar told him bluntly that he drew salary from the same treasury from which the secretary drew and left by warning him that it was not the duty of Tahsildar.  After tea they left.
At 4.45 P.M. Baba called me and made me sit very near him about two feet away.  We were two only.  He dictated:
“Today you have committed two great offences. One indicative of distortion and perversion of teaching of a very great soul and such a morally criminal misrepresentation and the other indicating lack of understanding what a man should be.

When I described to you that a ‘jattha’ of Hindus and Sikhs after losing everything and after being thoroughly humiliated in indescribable way–their wives, mothers and sisters raped and having been suffered all sorts of beastly humiliation entered the Indian territory, they killed all the Muslims of the villages they met in their way sparing not even the children and women, you observed ‘if they would not have done it they would not have been called men.’
Having compassionate sympathy for arousing beastly nature in man under very tragic circumstances is one thing and to support that beastly action is quite a different thing.  If these people had the courage, ability and the plight to retaliate upon those who really did the most dastardly crime against them, it would have been real manhood but to kill indiscriminately innocent co-religionist of those criminals is a beastly crime and the most stupid type of cowardice.”

We had a marathon discussion on the above.  I told him that I agreed to the first mistake although I could not convince myself about the Gandhian principle till then, and I did not accept them.  But about the second mistake I asked permission to express my views.  I said, “It is the natural reflex action to retaliate.  In anger man loses brain and becomes beast but after seeing rape and murder of kin and kith only shameless brute or superman, i.e., saintly saint shall not get anger.”

Baba questioned, “But how do you justify killing of innocent people?”
I said, “Who started the game and why?  Were not Muslims of India shouting for Pakistan in 1947?  It is prophet Mohommed’s preaching that religion must spread at the point of sword and this fanaticism made Muslims in Pak to kill or rape those Hindus who were acquainted with them since generations.  The Hindus who escaped to India retaliated against the people of this fanatic religion.  Given an opportunity Indian Muslims would have perpetrated the same gruesome crime.  If I were a sufferer I must admit even now I would have done the same as the Jattha did.  Every average man would do the same whether Hindu or Muslim. Man knows snakebite is fatal and whenever he sees a snake, he kills it although it may be non-poisonous and harmless. All Muslims in India are converts due to fear of atrocities or allurement of largesse during Muslim rule.. They have maintained caste system and old rituals and even mother tongue. I think since nobody rescued them from Muslim atrocities they got converted and in retaliation took revenge on the original society. Even today their surnames are of Hindu origin. The same is the case in Malaya, Indonesia. They have Sanskrit names. In Karachi there is hundred and fifty years old Hanuman temple and Muslims worship Hanuman. Obviously it seems that they were forcibly converted to Islam.
Baba was inwardly smiling and said, “I shall not call him an average man who would act beastly to kill innocent.”

I quoted, “When a shikari kills an innocent cub, the tigress goes on killing spree of human beings innocent or not and similar was the condition of refugees.”

Baba observed, “But tigress is beastly and hence these people also beastly.”

I said, “Suppose an innocent man is slapped or insulted by a man of strength.  Then the innocent man knowing that he cannot fight the enemy would slap the son of a man of strength and thus take revenge and indirectly insult the man of strength.”

Baba said, “But the boy is innocent.  It is cowardice to slap him.  The weak should take a revolver and shoot the man of strength.”

I bounced back, “But when the weak knows he would never see the man of strength again.  Then? The refugees knew that they would never get a chance to retaliate in Pakistan again.  Who are responsible for the massacre?  Not men but their religion and leaders.  The fanaticism of the Muslims and absurdity of the Hindu or Congress leaders is wholly responsible.”

Baba advised, “But then the people must be taught that even prophet Mohommed could commit mistake in teachings, but not to justify innocent killings.”

I queried, “Do you think the Mohammedans will agree to such a statement?  There will be a revolt.”
Baba stressed, “They will have to agree and make their religion dynamic.  If they do not they will not survive on this globe. If they do not listen then proper punishment is the only remedy.”  I confessed, “Then I have to say nothing on this.  But one will have to be very cautious and exquisitely skilful in teaching this.  But Baba, how could you justify the leaders.  Was it not the vision that they lacked badly?  Why did not they take proper steps to avoid this massacre?”

Baba agreed, “Of course they, especially Nehru, lacked vision completely.  They ought to have asked willing persons to repatriate before independence and even after independence in spite of the fact if minority suffered, the Army should have been deployed for their rescue in Pakistan.  The greatest folly they did in not sending army to Pakistan to stop mass annihilation of the minority.  Even after breach of Nehru-Liyakat pact, the Indian Army should have been sent to East Pakistan to save minority.  Thousands of lives could have been easily saved.”

I said, “Gandhiji preached Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. In his own presence he saw massacre going on.  Why did he not fast to send army for rescue?  Instead he did fast for giving money to Pakistan.”
Baba confessed, ”I did not say that Gandhiji did not commit mistake.  Although it was Divine Plan that country should be divided for better reunification in future, Gandhiji could have and should have insisted on sending army to Pakistan to save lives.”

I said, “It is alright that it was divinely ordained but commoner who cannot understand Divinity would definitely interpret Gandhiji as a failure, as he or his disciples failed to stop mayhem, carnage, and exodus.”

Baba said, “Yes.  If commoners interpret like that they are not wrong.  I have in mind to write a book on Gandhiji if I get time.  In that book Nehru and others will get a severe rebuke but I cannot help it.  I do not agree with Gandhiji’s policy of non-mechanization.  It depends on how people use their saved time.” (Netaji as President of Congress formed Planning Commission with Nehru as chairman and insisted on mechanization as against Gandhiji’s policy of cottage Industry. He made a tacit remark not to take nation in bullock-cart age.)

I said, “Opportunists simply made a show that they followed Gandhiji and within two years after gaining power they acted beastly.”

Baba said, “Suresh, now I tell you, Gandhiji knew not how to cast in cosmic consciousness.  The Divine ordained him but he forced people and the result was that the effect remained temporary.  I shall teach some of you as to how to do casting and later on even a commoner would be able to do it but some seclusion say of a month or a year will be necessary.  When Gandhiji forced, Maulana Shaukatali and others, in a public meeting, have placed their caps at the feet of Gandhiji and they said, “Here is our Paigamber.”   This was surely not out of opportunitism.”

I said, “Gandhiji taught religious brotherhood but he did not show the means to achieve it.  He did not insist on means to combat violence of goonda element or fanatics or corrupt element. As such his ideal, although great, could not achieve everlasting success. Initially Gandhiji succeeded gaining vast popularity because of principle of non-violence. It appealed to every one, as there was no danger to life like revolutionary cult. Lord Mahavir and Lord Buddha taught the same principle of non-violence ages before. However, Gandhiji’s skill of using it for gaining freedom made him extraordinary. However, I feel, non-violence cult is myth and mirage. After independence we could not solve any problem of violence with the principle of non-violence. Military and police action became indispensable.”
Baba predicted, “It was Divine Plan that Gandhiji should lay the foundation and some other person should construct the building.” (Probably he himself?)

I suggested, “Segregation of children, and mixing of caste or religion-wise secluded sectors in towns and villages was indispensable to create natural harmony.”
Baba agreed, ”Yes.  The present generation will be a hard nut to crack but mixing of society will have to be done.”

I was bold to say, “It is all right but your view not to control population by different methods and allow it to explode does not appeal to my conscience.  With increase in population resources will deplete and ultimately culminate in anarchy, crime, starvation, famine, revolution and massacre.” Baba was stubborn and stressed, “Instead of growing a generation of half lunatics after five hundred years, this will be better.”

I argued, “After sufficient children if sperm duct of a male is closed, then at the most it may affect the father. The progeny will be normal.”

Baba predicted, “There will be physical, mental and vital deformity in father and mother and their contact with children will spoil them too.”  Then he suggested controlling population by thought process.
I said, “It is impossible to restrain natural instinct by thought or reason even for spiritual men or commoner and result will be more children, even illegitimate babies. It is impossibility or abnormality to resist Nature’s most powerful force of procreation in every living being. Had it been so easy, the cycle of species evolving for millions of years would cease or would have ceased. The compulsion of celibacy amongst Catholic priests or nuns, Buddhist monks, Jain or Hindu Sadhus is against the nature and always results in sexual aberrations.”

Baba suggested, “In that case say after three children the Government will take care of remaining children.  Of course, there is a danger of illegitimate babies.”

I said,” People will become careless saying that why bother Government is taking better care.  They will produce bumper crop.  The result of male selfishness will be that poor females will have to beget more, lose health, their nature will be irritative, even become mad and it will spoil the progeny and environment.” Baba said, “In that case killing of inborn baby will not be bad. I do not favour it but on principle say it.”

I asked, “Why not legalize abortion?”
Baba said, “No. It has physical bad effect.”

Baba asked me as to why I was silent and what I was thinking.  I told candidly that I was wondering at Nature’s plan. All animals, birds, insects, plants, etc. have sex urge once or limited in a year. Their mating is planned in such a way that after gestation period there is plenty of food available.  Why Nature had allotted round the clock and throughout the year sex urge to man?

Baba observed, “Yes.  Suresh, I am also thinking.  We are between the Devil and the deep sea.  I am now seriously thinking of this problem.  It is a vicious dilemma.  I shall now think and find out a solution.” Then he said. “ I tell you, you should not disclose it to anyone. It should be kept within us. I shall try through Divine Mother if similar to animals a change could be brought in human beings and woman should get conception period only three times a year”. I was wonderstruck. I narrated that to stop growth of too many offsprings and restrict the family, old ladies used to compel married woman to sleep near her during the conception period of the month. Normally it is between twelth to fifteenth day from menses and body temperature of a woman rises by half degree. Baba was very inquisitive. He smiled and said that he will seriously think over this problem.

Further talk on this problem is dropped as per his wish.  At 7.30 P.M., he left for bath. Today since 7 A.M. to 7 P.M.  except my lunch break we had marathon discussion of about twelve hours.  I meditated, dined and slept.

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